Today (3/26/12) I traveled over to the LDS website and found a very sad state of affairs.  The front page of their site says;

“The Savior Suffers in Gethsemane”

You’re going to see a video of a white Mormon Jesus with a British accent going to the Garden, kneeling down and praying the words from the Bible.  At some point he starts sniffling while they show the disciples sleeping and Jesus walking over to ask them why they can’t stay awake.  I find it interesting the Church thinks the Bible has been mistranslated yet they use the very words from it…hmmm….

As the video goes along an angel of light shows up to pray over Jesus and a babbling brook refreshes the Lord before the Roman guards come to arrest Him.

Ugh.  My stomach began making a familiar sound as I watched their video and it’s not because I’m hungry. I finished my breakfast about an hour ago.  It’s so distressing to me when they do things like this yet after 48 years of dealing with Mormonism you’d think I’d not be surprised…

As most of you already know, Easter Sunday typically doesn’t see the halls of the local chapels filled with Mormon people celebrating the death and resurrection of our God and Savior Christ Jesus. Rather, this is the long awaited weekend of listening to their beloved prophets giving speeches at the semi-annual conference. They choose this weekend of all dates to commemorate the anniversary of the Church.  And just think…they’ve been doing this since 1830. That’s 181 years folks of not recognizing the power of God, the fulfillment of scripture nor the incredible price He paid for us to be forgiven of our sins. 181 years…

Mind you, there are those years when the two dates don’t coincide (this year being an example) but on those years they do, the Church has no problem locking the doors of ward buildings on Easter of all weekends.

It’s hard for me to believe Smith really founded the Church on April 6th.  I truly believe they did this on purpose so they can take the focus away from Jesus.  After all they’ve already taken the focus off the cross by teaching He paid for most sins in the Garden of Gethsemane. So what’s the big deal by clogging up your date books with celebrating Joseph’s church instead of Jesus’ triumphant life over death? It’s amazing to me that while calling yourself a Christian that you’d lock the doors to your worship building.

We’re asking everyone to pray for the Mormons as they sit in their living rooms watching General Conference this year. Pray the God of the Bible sparks something in their minds and hearts to search out the truth and wonder why the focus isn’t on Jesus. Pray that they’d want to know more about Jesus given they call themselves Christians and all.  I can guarantee the reader each year in the past the focus isn’t on Jesus this time of year, but on Joseph bringing God back to earth.