Thought of the Day about Mormonism

11 May


Mormons believe that revelation, not the bible, is the final authority in all matters of doctrine. If that is true, how then do they protect themselves from deceptions of the enemy?

What should happen if a Mormon President and ‘Prophet’ like Gordon Hinckley or Thomas Monson should become ill and say he has a new ‘revelation’ from God?

What if that revelation was something like the endorsement of gay bishops in the church?  The answer is that Mormons must follow the teachings of their prophets, no questions asked. This is the very reason that God provided scripture on this matter and why the Christian standard for such things is the Word of God.

If the final authority in all matters of doctrine and teaching is anything other than the Word of God, then any ‘prophet’ could come along with new doctrines through ‘revelation’ in the name of God, and lead many on the path to ruin. Scripture is clear on how we can test doctrine to make sure all teaching is soundly from God (2 Tim. 3:16).

Follow the leader, no matter what the bible says, is one of the trademarks of a cult and just another in the long list of reasons why Mormon leaders and Mormonism should never be trusted.

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