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02 December

The De-canonization of Mormon Scripture

Yesterday I read a blog at the Ogden Standard Examiner and one of their subjects caught my immediate attention.  They called it “Decanonization has occurred in Mormon scriptures”.


Interestingly enough I had just read about this on another blog not long ago so I thought I’d ask the question here.

Did you know that D&C 101 was removed and replaced with section 132 when it was discovered it contradicted the polygamy revelation?

Interesting too is the observation in this blog on how the religion of Mormonism evolved during the time of Joseph Smith.  As it turns out, Smith preached a triune God in the beginning stages of his profession and ended his career with the proclamation of polytheism.

So the question and thought for today is about your personal conviction of faith.  Is your faith in a system of a culture and heritage of Mormonism that is quaint, comfortable and ever changing or is your faith on and about the Only True God of the Bible?

And what about the Doctrine and Covenants and its contradictions?  The Church will tell you that while all scripture is revelation, not all revelation is scripture, but as the blog pointed out this contradicts Doctrine and Covenants 68:4 which says that whatever they speak is scripture?

It’s all so confusing and sounds a lot like the system Smith accused of being the “whores of Babylon” with too many people making too many rules.  Where’s the simplicity in the gospel nowadays?

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