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30 November

Humble Following or Misguided Trust?

The lengths to which members of the LDS Church will go never ceases to amaze me when defending the position they take about Joseph Smith.  I could write volumes upon volumes of books containing testimonials of how wonderful Mr. Smith is and if it weren’t for Mr. Smith then no one could be saved.

My discovery this week goes to prove my point again.  This collection of thoughts written by Edward Tullidge sickens me to the core.  It was as if the author remembered to mention Jesus as an afterthought when speaking of mankind’s salvation.

The whole premise that salvation is available to man because of Joseph Smith is heretical, yet this is exactly the position of the LDS Church.  Please be diligent in your prayers for these people!

Use this example today as a tool to witness to your Mormon friends and loved ones.  Ask them what they think of the author’s assessment of Joseph’s work in these latter days.

I’ll be asking my mother if she believes God didn’t have enough power to save us without Joseph Smith.  I’ll then use scripture to show her how I have assurance that God knows how to save people throughout all the different stages of creation.  Use your favorite scriptures to witness and compare those with what people in Mormonism have to say!

Life of Joseph the Prophet, pg. 178; “Yet in Christ is the fulfillment of all the covenants of Jehovah made unto the patriarchs of the earth. Therefore, being the chief minister of Christ in these last days, Joseph is an apostle of the covenants. But as the revelator of Jesus unto the world, and not as the instrument of archangels even, has Joseph come. As Jesus, in the days of his flesh, was the revelator of the Father, so was Joseph the revelator of the Son, in the ministry of his resurrection. Not a minister upon the testimony of apostles given eighteen hundred years ago, but a witness proceeding from Christ in our own day: a special witness to the world of the ministry and resurrection of Jesus: the revelator of the new and everlasting covenant to Israel: the revelator again of God to man, continuing the testimony which Jesus bore of the Father: the messenger of God, proclaiming to mankind a present revelation and a Diving gospel.

Be it therefore declared unto all that Joseph, to modern times, is as the new testament of Jesus Christ, “who was before preached unto us:” that Jesus concerning whose ministry and resurrection the faith of all Christendom was but as a tradition, handed down through the ages of apostasy, in which the heavens uttered no certain voice.”

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