Did  you know…?

With the advent of Joseph Smith’s death in June 1844, a leadership struggle  thereafter ensued. Sydney Rigdon insisted that he should take over because he was the leading authority as a member of the First Presidency.

Brigham Young countered his take over theory by proclaiming Smith had a revelation stating that the apostles held the same authority the president/prophet of the Church held. Young argued the Church needed to be run by a council of apostle without the need for a prophet from that time on. And since Young just so happened to be the president of the apostles it just made sense for him to take the leadership role.

On August 15, 1844, a month and a half after the death of Joseph, Brigham Young announced there would not be successor to Joseph; and the twelve apostles would lead the Church.  “Let no man presume for a moment that his place will be filled by another.” The Twelve will “preside over all the affairs of the church in all the world.” (Times and Seasons, 5.618)

About three years later on December 27, 1847 Brigham became the second president/prophet of the LDS Church.

So – why is there always a discrepancy when it comes to everything in the Church? It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is about, somehow the Church always finds a way to complicate things.