Thought of the Day about Life

Saturday was a monumental day in California.  What happened you say?  Well in case you missed it, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a ban on gay conversion therapy for anyone under the age of eighteen. The governor referred to the therapy as “quackery”.


I find this interesting that it’s illegal to get your kid some help and you as a parent aren’t allowed to make wise decisions for them because the government seems to know better.  This isn’t a matter of whether or not it actually works; this is a matter of our rights being stripped from us as Americans and parents. It’s also a matter of choosing to raise your kid the way God had designed.

I also find this interesting in light of the law up here in the state of Washington.

When my daughters were in junior high they came home one day with a business card that had been passed out to each child.  The problem with the business card was who it was from.  Planned Parenthood.

It’s legal here in Washington for a child to have an abortion from the age of fourteen on up without parental consent.  No worries the government is looking out for your best interest and mommy and daddy don’t need to know…

And here we have another sign it’s nearing the end from the great state of California, parents have lost their rights once again.  But then again in New York you have to ask permission to receive formula for a newborn because as we’ve seen in the past the government is here to help us.

My prayer:

God help us, the government’s here.