Thought of the Day about Witnessing – What Would You Do?

20 February

stickman-thinking-3The other day I was watching a television show called “What Would You Do?” hosted by John Quiñones.  The show is set up with actors playing out a variety of scenarios to see what the reaction would be of the average person watching things transpire.

This particular episode was about a couple of young kids who were drunk and getting into their vehicle to drive home.  The show works alongside the police so they already know what’s happening if or when anyone should call to report the would be drunk drivers and after a few minutes the cameras roll in with the host letting the good Samaritan in on the secret.

It got me to thinking (that can be scary I know!) – but what would you do if you saw someone getting into a car when they’re noticeably impaired?  Would you intervene? Would you say anything to try and change their mind?

Now imagine another scenario where we could intervene.

The Mormon missionaries just knocked on your door.  What would you do?  Do you pretend you’re not there? Do you tell them you’re not interested? Do you say no thanks, I have my own religion?

The previous scenario will have an immediate consequence that’s not always favorable.  The consequences of the latter scenario won’t be known anytime soon, if ever.

This blog and our website is a perfect example of this.  I’ve asked Christians to comment on the blog about the articles or if you want to send in an article we’ll post it! We have many people who visit the sites and never comment, but they’re reading the comments of the Christians who do and the “lurkers” are Mormons.

We’ve been reminded of this in the past few months because we’ve received e-mails and phone calls from Mormons sharing the great news that they’ve accepted Jesus into their hearts and left Mormonism (PTL!) and each of them told me the comments on the blog from Christians gave them insight to Christianity they’d never thought about before.  They also told us the blog and site is what helped them make the decision to finally leave.  Thank You Jesus!!!

So back to my question of the day –

What would you do if a Mormon comes to your door? What would you do if/when you read an article you could share insight about?  Will you share your experience and knowledge about Jesus or think ‘ah, someone else will so I don’t need to’?

Let me emphatically declare that believing someone else will do it isn’t a good answer because we’re not God!  We can’t know who, when or what a Mormon will respond to. Case in point is the time we were on missions in Nauvoo at the Mormon pageant.  On day three of handing out pamphlets, being spit on and yelled at I recall one Mormon woman with six or seven kids running circles around her as I handed her a pamphlet and said “God bless you”.  Her husband grabbed the pamphlet out of her hand, crumpled it up and tossed it in the trash.

A few minutes later I saw her at the trash bucket picking up the pamphlet, folding it and sticking it in her bra for safe keeping.

She looked at me and motioned with her finger to her lips for me to keep quiet and she left.

Several months after that mission trip I got a phone call from “Nancy”. She accepted Jesus and left Mormonism!  She said she had been praying for Heavenly Father to intervene and let her know if her doubts about Mormonism were unfounded or true.  Our “opinions” from the Bible spoke volumes for her!

My point to using this next example serves as a reminder for all of us that more times than not, the Mormons are listening even when it seems like they’re not.

I recently received an e-mail from a pastor who shared an experience he had with a woman he used to date who happened to be Mormon. The pastor thought maybe he could have said more during his short time of knowing her, but as he mentioned to me we’re  not God and we can’t know what they may or may not latch onto.

He attended church with her and quickly picked up on a disturbing behavior pattern not only with her, but the LDS congregation as well. After not hearing from this person for more than a decade she recently contacted him looking for help. Here’s what he had to say about what happened back then –

1.) I attended the Mormon Church with her and her family a few times. It was always during their “fasting and testimony times”. Hearing the same old “Mormon testimony” over and over again. It just made me want to bang my head against the pew. It was amazing the trance they were in and the crying and hugs people got for sharing their testimony.

2.) …The bishop caught up with us one time after service. He asked when I was coming back to visit. Since I guess that he thought I attended another Mormon church. I told him where I attended. He flipped his lid. He denounced my church and that my ex should never go there. She took this in like it was the word of God.

His perception of the cultish behavior of the Mormons is spot on as we also know that his experience  is eerily similar to the countless other stories we’ve heard over the years isn’t it?  When will they change?  We don’t know and that’s the point to all this!

What would you do?  Will you share because you want others to know about the new life God has given you through His Son or will we sit back waiting to see what others do first?

While the woman the pastor is referring to was/is behaving by rote and not from her own reasoning, for whatever reason she’s contacted him and his wife so it’s their job to show how God’s mercy can be extended to her personally and that’s what they’re doing now.  They’re doing everything right in obeying the Lord’s command of showing mercy and witnessing too!  Thank You Lord!

We’re praying the Lord will open the eyes of this dear woman through the godly example of the pastor and his wife.  I am convinced that if God could save me He can save anyone!

So share your experience with the Mormons who read our blog and let them know how the body of Christ operates!  You have no idea what your insight can do for someone until you share it!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18

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  1. michael February 24, 2014 at 1:32 am #

    I witnessed to s couple mormons in the park yesterday. I commented this morning but i must have not submitted the comment. Anyway they are well trained. One kid told me he has the gift of tongues. I speak in tongues. This kid had no idea what i was talking about. I prayed for them. They were very nice boys but as of today they are unfortunately going to hell. Ill talk to them again on monday.

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