Thought of the Day about Mormonism and a Mormon Reformation Movement

17 October

stickman-thinking-3Today a friend alerted me to a post on her Facebook page about a movement that’s getting a fair amount of attention and most importantly; support. There’s a group of people who will be posting a 95 Point LDS Thesis on the doors of Mormon ward buildings on October 31, 2013. They call themselves the Mormon Reformation and their purpose is for the Church to come clean in everything from the top down.

 You can get the link at Helen Radkey’s Facebook page here or get the story from Politico here.

We’ll be praying for their efforts, but mostly we’re praying the individual members of the group will know Jesus and Church leaders come to know the real Jesus of the Bible as well!

I’m absolutely convinced that if Jesus could save someone like me, He can save anyone!   What took place in 1517 in Wittenberg, Germany was nothing short of a miracle obviously and if God worked then He most certainly can work now. For me it’s not so much exposing the Church’s fallacious ways as it is that when you know the Lord you won’t have any other option but to expose the lies.

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