Thought of the Day about Mormonism and Happiness

05 September

stickman-thinking-2I read a report in the Deseret News on September 4, 2013 declaring Salt Lake City the 2nd happiest city in the US.  Prevention Magazine attributes the high ranking to the Church’s health code; aka the Word of Wisdom, among other factors.

I find it interesting this report came so quickly on the heels of a report late last week in the same paper stating that suicides in Utah are on the rise and expected to exceed last year’s totals.

The report in Prevention Magazine also based their analysis on disease measures, unemployment and FBI stats.  It’s odd they didn’t include suicide into the factor…

This reminds me of other reports that came out a few years ago declaring Utah the most depressed and the next week another report finding Utah the happiest place in the US – true story!

The one thing that stuck out the most in this report is how quickly the Church accepted the praise by confirming the Mormon way of life is indeed good for your health.  Whenever the reports on their high suicide rates are published they’re also quick to point out the LDS population is decreasing rapidly and the suicide rate has nothing to do with being Mormon.

Whatever the stats are for any particular week they serve as a good reminder for us to pray and get involved in the life of a Mormon!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor. 1:18

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