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26 January

stickman-thinking-3“Diversity of opinion does not necessitate intolerance of spirit, nor should it embitter or set rational beings against each other. The Christ taught kindness, patience, and charity. Our religion is not hostile to real science. That which is demonstrated, we accept with joy; but vain philosophy, human theory, and mere speculations of men, we do not accept nor do we adopt anything contrary to divine revelation or to good common sense. But everything that tends to right conduct, that harmonizes with sound morality and increases faith in Deity, finds favor with us no matter where it may be found.”

Heber J. Grant, Deseret Evening News, Words in Season from the First Presidency (Christmas message)

A couple of days ago I received a phone call from a Mormon gentleman by the name of Michael.  Now just let me say that I’m certain under any other circumstance this David is a nice enough fellow with good manners who treats people with respect and honor based on the fact he’s speaking to another human being.  While his vocabulary wasn’t all that bad the tone of his voice was atrocious, demanding and very judgmental which reminded me of the former prophet’s words above.  I’m posting part of his message here and then my comments.

Under the circumstances we’re dealing with, aka spiritual warfare, all rules of “tolerance” and basic niceties are tossed out the window and long forgotten for many people and Michael is case in point.  I’m only posting the major points he made in the voice mail –

“Hello Michelle my name is Michael I would like to know why you keep publishing lies when you’ve been told to stop…

I also see that Ed Decker is a big time mentor for you and I’m curious as to why that’d be.

By biblical definition he’s a known adulterer who’s admitted to not being faithful to his wife and so I’d like to know why you’d want him as an example…

Okay Michelle so if you’d answer these questions I’d appreciate it.”

First of all I’d have to say that man doesn’t give me directives of when I should stop publishing the truth about Mormon doctrines that conflict with biblical standards.  Only God is my boss.

Secondly, as I mentioned I don’t publish lies, just truth.  Show me where I’ve published lies and then we’ll talk.

Thirdly, the reason Ed Decker is a mentor to me and someone I deeply admire is because of the work he’s done for the Lord and because of the person he is.  Ed Decker was the father I never had growing up in the Mormon home I did. Where is your proof that he committed adultery?

Did you hear a story perpetrated by angry Mormons and decided they knew him personally?

Are you aware the stories of him having an affair are false and have been proven to be so?

Have you ever contacted him to hear his side of the story? You can do so

This reminds me of the LDS teaching of the woman who was caught in an affair in the Bible who will never receive forgiveness.  Miracle of Forgiveness, pg 164 – Spencer W Kimball.

There’s always an accusatory undertone to anyone who opposes Mormonism and ironically most people who speak out are accused of sexual sin.  It’s odd…have you or any of the others who write and call me accusing Ed or myself of this ever read the history of Joseph Smith?  If not, here’s a list of his wives.

Were you aware that his wives consisted of married women (at least one of them was already pregnant with her husband’s child when they got married). Many of the others were a collection of sisters, mothers and daughters and oh yeah, children.  All of those scenarios are proven fact and as you pointed out, by definition biblically wrong. 

Why is the conversation always turned to this subject when in fact Mormonism is a work based faith and the number one way to get to heaven is via marriage and having kids?

One other item of note.  Exactly what angered you Michael?  You never referenced anything in your lengthy message.

Let’s talk about Jesus okay?  Who is Jesus to you Michael?

Is He God incarnate or a created being and brother of Lucifer?

Who is God to you?

Is He the Creator who made everything and everyone by speaking it all into existence? Or is he a god that inherited elements and organized them because he found some unused area in space?

What does the work Jesus did for us on the cross mean to you personally? Do you think of it every day and if not, why? What does the phrase He is able to save to the uttermost mean to you personally?  When the rubber meets the road this is what it all boils down to.  It’s either Jesus saving people or people having to save themselves.

Hebrews 7:24-25; “But this man, because he continueth ever, hath an unchangeable priesthood. 25 Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.”

I pray that you know Jesus loves you Michael and came here in the flesh so you could have life.

I don’t say these things out of animosity or to bash the Mormon people.  My heart hurts they don’t know the truth.  I remember defending the Church and Joseph with a vengeance and had no idea of all the lies they kept telling to hide their past to cover their tracks. I’m praying you do some investigating – we have a plethora of information here and there are myriads of other ministries that expose the truth that I highly encourage you to read as well.  Always verify Michael and then you’ll know the whole story.

With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim

1 Cor 1:18

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