salt-lake-mormon-temple-2Today we’re looking at a talk given by Mark E. Petersen at a General Conference in 1980. Ensign, ‘Adam the Archangel,’ November 1980

This talk is significant because it shows how LDS leaders blatantly lie and mix it with truth at the same time. This is no accident my friends! They do this to deliberately confuse, and trick people into believing their story. We counted no less than thirteen lies in his discourse!

Making matters worse, they’ve denounced the Adam-God doctrine without apology, or addressing why this was a problem to begin with.

Lies #1-2

Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters.  … They taught their children to read and write… … It was a glorious period—until Satan came among them. That evil person defied the teachings of God and said to the children of Adam, “Believe it not,” and from that time some of the family loved Satan more than God (see Moses 5:13)… .

The Bible NEVER indicates that Adam & Eve taught their kids how to read, or write. Furthermore, the Bible also never tells us that Satan was a person

Lie #3

The Church of Jesus Christ was well established in the time of Adam (see Joseph Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, comp. Joseph Fielding Smith, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1938, pp. 157, 169)…

How could there be a church before Jesus came along?

Lies #4-5

When Michael came into mortality he was known as Adam, the first man, but he was still his own self. Although he was given another name, that of Adam, he did not change his identity…

After his mortal death he resumed his position as an angel in the heavens, once again serving as the chief angel, or archangel, and took again his former name of Michael…

Where in the Bible does it say Michael morphed into Adam and then back again? Doesn’t this contradict the whole families are forever plan?

Lie #6

In the year 1842 the Prophet Joseph Smith spoke of Michael, or Adam, who visited him. Joseph identified him as an angel even then— …

Jesus told us in Luke chapter sixteen that dead people don’t appear to the living. This is actually necromancy, which God strictly forbids! Also see Deuteronomy 18:9-11

Lie #7

So, in 1842 Michael, or Adam, was still an angel and will continue to be so through the final winding up scene of this earth.

Again, there’s no biblical account of this taking place.

Truth #1

Adam was not our God, nor was he our Savior. …

Here’s where they’ve denounced Brigham’s doctrines without apology, or repenting.

Lie #8

The Apostle Paul has an interesting passage in his epistle to the Hebrews. …   “Unto which of the angels said he [God] at any time, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee?” (Heb. 1:5; emphasis added). And of course the answer is immediate and obvious—none of them— …

Jesus of Nazareth was the Only Begotten of the Father. …

Why is it okay to trust the Bible now?

The book of Abraham contradicts Hebrews by stating God created Lucifer, Jesus, and everyone else as spirit children. It also tells us God kicked Lucifer and all the other spirits out of heaven, indicating they believe Lucifer was an angel, or some type of spirit being. See Abraham 3:24-27.

Truth #2

And who was thus given of the Father to be crucified? Who wrought out the atonement on Calvary? Jesus of Nazareth! He was the Only Begotten of God. …

This is biblical truth, but not by the Mormon standard. D&C 19:18 emphatically declares Jesus paid for the sins of man in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Truth #3

Then was Adam our God, or did God become Adam? Ridiculous!

Amen, that’s what we’ve been saying for years now!

Truth #4

Adam was neither God nor the Only Begotten Son of God.


Lie #9

He was a child of God in the spirit as we all are (see Acts 17:29). …

Luke 3:38 calls Adam a son of God in the sense of the lines of genealogy. Spirit son of God is not in the Bible.

Lie #10

Then who is Adam? He is Michael the archangel, appointed by God and Christ to be the mortal progenitor of the race. At this very moment, in the year 1980, he is still in his position as the archangel whose trumpet in the final days will herald the resurrection and who will be the captain of the Lord’s hosts in the final defeat of Lucifer.

There is so much historical evidence proving the lies of this statement, one could write libraries filled with books just on this subject alone. Shame on Mr. Petersen.

Lie #11

He is the “Ancient of Days” spoken of by Daniel the prophet and as such will meet the faithful in that same valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman, which is named after him (see Dan. 7:9–22D&C 116).

Jesus is the Ancient of Days, not Adam!

Lie #12

At the close of this dispensation he will there deliver up his stewardship to Christ…

Adam has no stewardship over mankind. Where in the Bible does it say he has this authority?

Lie #13

If any of you have been confused by false teachers who come among us, if you have been assailed by advocates of erroneous doctrines, counsel with your priesthood leaders. They will not lead you astray, but will direct you into paths of truth and salvation…” – Mark Petersen

Wow. One has to wonder if Mr. Petersen thought about this before it came from his mouth.