They Fell to the Earth in the Book of Mormon

This is one in a series of several articles looking at various topics in the Book of Mormon. This article is focusing on the phrase “they fell to the earth”.  As I was gathering info on another topic I kept coming across this unusual phrase with different variations. Intrigued by its appearance, I decided to list it as a topic in our series so here we are!

Try as I might I can’t wrap my imagination around the idea of how an entire multitude of people could fall to the earth all at the same time. I wonder…did they fall on top of each other? Did anyone fall on small children? Did they fall in one direction so they wouldn’t hurt the person they were standing next to? How much space was there between each person and if it’s a fixed amount of space what happens if someone’s extra tall or overweight and they don’t fit in their allotted space when they fall to the earth?

Just how does an entire multitude of people go about falling to the earth at the same time?  Is there a drum roll?  While my questions may seem outlandish I think they’re about as plausible as the idea that an entire multitude of people would fall to the earth…over and over and over again.

Most importantly and above all else, how does this information in the Book of Mormon bring glory to God and/or bring you to a full understanding of God? How does this change or better your relationship with him?

I’ve listed twenty-one verses with a small excerpt from each. You’ll notice that in addition to people falling to the earth Joseph Smith seemed to have a thing for the word “astonishment”.  In one of our other articles we’ll be focusing on grammar in the Book of Mormon…  I highly encourage the Mormon to read the verses I’ve listed in full and decide if these things sound reasonable. Know that we’re praying for you!

With Love in Christ; Michelle Grim

1 Cor. 1:18

Jacob 7:15; “…the power of the Lord came upon him, insomuch that he fell to the earth…”

Jacob 7:21; “And when the multitude had witnessed that he spake these things…they were astonished exceedingly…and they were overcome that they fell to the earth.”

Mosiah 27:12; “And so great was their astonishment, that they fell to the earth…”

Mosiah 27:18; “And now Alma and those that were with him fell again to the earth, for great was their astonishment…”

Alma 14:27; “And it came to pass that so great was their fear that they fell to the earth…and the walls of the prison were rent in twain, so that they fell to the earth…”

Alma 18:42; “And now, when he had said this, he fell unto the earth, as if he were dead.”

Alma 19:14; “… and thus they all three had sunk to the earth.” – (Also notice this verse is one sentence with 88 words.)

Alma 27:17; “…and he fell again to the earth.”

Alma 36:7; “…and we all fell to the earth, for the fear of the Lord came upon us.”

Alma 36:10; “And it came to pass that I fell to the earth…”

Alma 36:11; “…that I fell to the earth and I did hear no more.”

Helaman 9:3; “…the chief judge had fallen to the earth…”

Helaman 9:4; “And now behold, when they saw this they were astonished exceedingly, insomuch that they fell to the earth…”

Helaman 9:5; “…therefore they did quake, and had fallen to the earth.”

Helaman 9:14; “…we were astonished insomuch that we fell to the earth …”

3 N 1:16; “And there were many, who had not believed the words of the prophets, who fell to the earth…”

3 Nephi 1:17; “…yea, in fine, all the people upon the face of the whole earth from the west to the east, both in the land north and in the land south, were so exceedingly astonished that they fell to the earth.”

3 Nephi 11:12; “… when Jesus had spoken these words the whole multitude fell to the earth…”

Ether 3:7; “And the Lord saw that the brother of Jared had fallen to the earth…”

Ether 3:19; “And because of the knowledge of this man he could not be kept from beholding within the veil; and he saw the finger of Jesus, which, when he saw, he fell with fear…”

Ether 15:32; “And it came to pass that Coriantumr fell to the earth…”