Today we’re looking at some of the nepotism that takes place in Mormonism. The family in question is the Snow family. We thought it’d behoove our readers to know who’s who in the myriad of quotes we publish – so here’s a small sampling!

Lorenzo Snow was the brother of Eliza Snow who was married to both Joe Smith and Brigham Young.

Erastus Snow was a distant cousin of Lorenzo’s.

Steve Snow is the 3x great grandson of Erastus and serves in the Quorum of the 70’s today.

Here’s a few of the quotes we’ve published, courtesy of the Snow Family –

The Teachings of Lorenzo Snow, p. 1 “As man now is, God once was; as God is now man may be.”

Women of Mormondom – Eliza Snow “‘Twas she, in her son, who forgave sin; she who bade the sinner go and sin no more; she who wept over Jerusalem as a mother weepeth over her young And it was woman, in her son, who died upon the cross for the sins of the world!””

Erastus Snow “He was married to sixteen women which in and of itself is disturbing, but to make things worse I also came upon the info that his 2nd wife is the daughter of his 3rd wife, and either the sister, or niece, of his 4th wife. Got all that?”

LDS Church Historian and Recorder, Steven Snow, explained why the Church won’t advertise their publications of essays.

“…now curriculum and seminaries and institute can safely weave these essays into a future curriculum to in a sense “inoculate” is a word I use quite a bit for the rising generation. So, they can learn a little bit about these things without being totally shocked when they hear them for the first time…”

Is this the type of family you’d be proud of? Where is there any hint they’re following the God of the Bible?

Pray that Mormons today will see the blasphemy they produce and accept Jesus!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18