The Power Within and False Teachers

About nineteen years ago God called me to the ministry of Mormons. For the most part since that time I’ve not paid a lot of attention to all the false teachers out there as Joseph Smith and company keeps me busy enough without focusing upon others.

However, today a news clip caught my attention causing me to wonder why people fall for such dangerous schemes all because somebody told them they could do the unreasonable if they “unleashed their power within”.

As Christians all we have to do is compare what people do and say with God’s word. If it doesn’t line up we’re to disregard what they say. (Deut. 18:20-22)  And that is what brings us here today.

Tony Robbins, the famous and self proclaimed inspirational speaker, held an event in San Jose, California where he laid down hot coals heated to 1,200 to 2,000 degrees. After giving one of his motivational speeches, he convinced people to walk on those potentially hazardous coals.

My thoughts on this: are you nuts?

As it turned out, twenty-one of the participants who attempted to walk over the hot coals ended up with second and third degree burns to the bottoms of their feet.

First of all there’s power within all of us. Either it’s the Holy Spirit or it’s our own self reliance which is against God and His purposes. There are no other choices and there is no other way. If your will isn’t in complete compliance with what His plan is for you personally then you’re fighting against Him. Secondly, detaching yourself from physical and/or emotional pain isn’t the way God designed us to behave.

God created us to rely upon Him; not ourselves. Self-reliance is another of Satan’s tricks to take attention away from the One God who deserves and demands our honor and respect. If we walk through the hot coals of life determined to make it on our own we’re gonna get burned in the end, literally and figuratively.

And I have to wonder…did Tony Robbins walk on those hot coals and if so did he cash their checks before or after the conference?