The Occult in Mormonism and Joseph Smith’s Life

13 November

2 Kings 17:16; “And they left all the commandments of the LORD their God, and made them molten images, even two calves, and made a grove, and worshipped all the host of heaven, and served Baal.”

The Occult in Mormonism and the Life of Joseph SmithThe very foundation of Mormonism is a deliberate, not to mention brazen, show of the many tentacles of the Occult at its best. Therefore, it goes without saying the latter issue must be acknowledged if we’re to provide an honest picture of the former.

It’s virtually impossible to discuss Mormonism without acknowledging the cultic practices of Joseph Smith. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the more common paraphernalia he and his family used, upon which, the Mormon Church is built.

Our list is divided in two parts. The first is the collection of books, trinkets, and other demonic items Joseph Smith and other family members relied upon.

The second part of our list looks at the graven images of Mormonism. It includes temples with their symbolic carvings, various buildings used by Smith and others in the Church, as well as statues. After all, they are the natural progression of what this man’s imagination gave birth to.

Some items in our list are updates from our page ‘Occult Markings on Mormon Temples‘. We’ve added further info on a few articles and provided more links for the resources listed.


The Occult in Mormonism & the Life of Joseph Smith, pt. 1

Books Used by Joseph Smith,the Smith Family & LDS Members

The SeerAll-Seeing Eye on ‘The Seer’

LDS Apostle Orson Pratt’s 320 page work on LDS doctrines. You can read The Seer online here. Clicking on the image will also take you to the website.

Everything in Mormonism contains an occult symbol. This book contains most of the ‘hardcore’ LDS doctrines they all know about, but isn’t always easily accessible to outsiders.


The Discoverie of Witchcraft by Reginald ScotDiscoverie of Witchcraft

The Discoverie of Witchcraft written by Reginald Scot, provides detailed, graphic directions on how to perform animal sacrifices, magic spells, prayers to call on demonic spirits, etc. Although 200 yrs old at the time of the Smith family, they used it for activities in their daily lives.


The Magus by Francis BarrettJupiter Talisman & Other Zodiac Emblems

The Magus written by Francis Barrett was a known book owned by the Smith family they used for casting spells, designing charms, and following zodiac signs.






Joseph Smith's occult daggerDagger owned by Joseph Smith

Dagger of JS used in ceremonial magic. Stainless steel blade measuring 10”, with wooden handle.









Joseph Smith's occult markings on dagger Seal of Mars and Intelligence of MarsDagger owned by Joseph Smith

Occult markings on side of JS’ dagger.

Bottom side shows ‘Seal of Mars’.

Top side depicts ‘Intelligence of Mars’.



Golden plates & Joseph SmithDigging for Golden Plates

Joseph Smith’s Witchcraft, Scrying and Arrest 1820 – 1827

The link above is for our investigation into the lives of Joe Smith his family. Magic, witchcraft, spells, and animal sacrifices drove the family on many treasure seeking activities.


Divining RodDivining, or Dowsing Rod

Joseph Smith, Sr. was a member of the Divining Rod Men of Vermont Club and taught Joe Smith, Jr., how to hunt for buried treasure using a branch from the witch-hazel tree.


Hold to the Rod Keyring NecklaceDivining Rod from D&C

‘Hold to the Rod’, ‘Rod of Aaron’

Hold to the Rod keyring/necklace sold by LDS stores. D&C 8:6-8 is prophecy from Smith to Cowdery the ‘Rod of Aaron’ will bring many blessings when he holds it in his hands. See LDS Church History pagedefending the use of dowsing rods to search for treasures.


Facsimiles 1, 2, & 3 from the Pearl of Great Price

Facsimile 1Facsimile No. 1

An excerpt from our study on Facsimile 1 –

Facsimile 1 is actually from Hôr’s scroll, or the “First Book of Breathings” (Dialogue Journal…The First Book of Breathings is a vignette of an Egyptian funerary text dating to the first century BC. These types of books have been found in tombs of Egyptian kings dating back to the 30th Egyptian Dynasty (380-343 BC). They were written by scribes of the king and used as road maps for the various stops the pharaoh needed to make after death to get into heaven. While each book differs from each other, some hieroglyphs are repeated, or very similar to each other.  The papyri also contained prayers to their gods and directions on how to mummify a deceased person.

To read the whole article simply follow the link above.


facsimile 2Facsimile No. 2

An excerpt from our study on Facsimile 2 –

In his attempt to prophetically deliver for the Mormon people he proved himself to be a fraud. Unfortunately for Mormons then and now, the majority is unaware of the problem or they’ve turned a blind eye.

Much like Facsimile 1 & 3, Facsimile 2 (the hypocephalus of Sh’sonq) had lacunae making it impossible to determine the exact intent of the original message.

Originally it was included with one of the mummies purchased by the Church, but it’s not known if the hypocephalus was damaged before or after it was in Smith’s possession.

A drawing of it was found on a page of the Kirtland Egyptian Papers which the Church published in 1966. This drawing showed a large portion of lacunae in the northeast to the mid-section of the hypocephalus.

As it turned out Smith’s interpretation of the papyri and hypocephalus was ridiculed by Egyptologists who were able to show with definitive proof everything Smith said was a fraud. Chandler’s papyri were excerpts from Hor’s Book of Breathings and The Book of the Dead which were funerary instructions.  In 1880 Smith’s translations were canonized in Mormon scripture and known today by members as the Book of Abraham.

To read the whole article simply follow the link above.


Pearl of Great Price Abraham Facsimile 3Facsimile No. 3

An excerpt from our study on Facsimile 3 –

As with Facsimile 1 and 2, there’s ample evidence to show that Smith didn’t have a clue as to what he was doing when he tried to translate this vignette. In his limited life experience and ignorance of the Egyptian language and lifestyle, his interpretation of this vignette was all wrong.

We also know the Facsimile 3 scroll is part of Facsimile 1 because they both contain the name of Osiris Hôr, the deceased person this vignette was for. In addition to all those clues, it was carefully noted by Klaus Baer, a well respected Egyptologist, the Facsimiles and scrolls were the same size indicating they were meant to be one.

One of the key components of knowing Facsimile 3 isn’t a correct interpretation is the appearance of anachronistic words in its text. In the text from the Book of Abraham we see a handful of words that Smith claims were used in Abraham’s timeframe, but in reality these words weren’t part of the Chaldean or Egyptian language until well after the time Abraham lived.



Book of Mormon Golden PlatesGolden Plates

Image comes from




Hyrum Box closedHyrum Smith’s boxHyrum Smith's Box

Wooden box owned by Hyrum Smith.

Reports speak of the plates being stored in this.



Good Luck Trinkets & Charms

jupitertalisman in Smith's pocket when he was killedJupiter Talisman

Talisman owned by Joseph Smith & found on his person at time of death.Jupiter Talisman 2

At a meeting of the Mormon History Association on April 20, 1974 Reed Durham (Director LDS Institute of Religion) said:

“. . . I should like to initiate all of you into what is perhaps the strangest, the most mysterious, occult-like esoteric, and yet Masonically oriented practice ever adopted by Joseph Smith. . . .All available evidence suggests that Joseph Smith the Prophet possessed a magical Masonic medallion, or talisman, which he worked during his lifetime and which was evidently on his person when he was martyred….”


Jupiter Talisman from Barrett's The Magus 1801Jupiter Talisman

Drawing taken from Barrett’s ‘The Magus’ 1801.

The Magus is filled with specific instructions for ceremonial magic. Gives directions on drawing circles, animal sacrifices & prayers to elicit help from demons.

See info about this in the book section above.



Mormon Doctrine, p. 440;“…a ball…made of fine brass…on which there were two spindles to point the course the Nephites should follow in the wilderness….”

This is nothing more than an imaginary Magic 8 Ball, aka sorcery tool. Pendants of this are sold on the LDS bookstore website.

Masonic Lodge Influences

George Washington Masonic ApronGeorge Washington’s Masonic Apron

Similarities of symbols seen on the Masonic apron can be found in Mormon temples & temple clothing. Ceremonies prior to the 1960’s included Satan wearing an exact replica of Washington’s apron. Click on link above, or the apron to visit the host site for detailed info on each symbolic meaning.



Masters CarpetMaster’s Carpet

This image, ‘The Master’s Carpet’ was published in ‘Masonic Monitor’ in 1820, by renowned lecturer, Jeremy Cross. The Monitor was a common rule book for Masonic Lodge. Click on his name above for a short bio.

Sunstone Magazine wrote a very informative article on the many similarities between Mormonism & Masonry. To read their article see Dialogue, Vol. 27, No. 3, Fall 1994, p. 74.



The Craft and Its Symbols, p. 75Masonic Symbols

Various Masonic symbols found on LDS buildings & literature. The image here comes from the book ‘The Craft & Its Symbols’, p. 75, by Allen E. Roberts.


Masonic symbols‘Square and Compass’; International Logo for Masonic Lodges

The following info about the square & compass comes from our article ‘Inverted Stain Glass Pentagrams’ –

In the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, use of the symbol of the square and compass is to promote deception.

Encyclopedia of Freemasonry; “Square and Compasses…It will be universally understood, or misunderstood, as having a Masonic significance; and, therefore, as a trade-mark, must constantly work deception. Nothing could be more mischievous than to create as a monopoly, and uphold by the poser of lacy anything so calculated as applied to purposes of trade. To be misinterpreted, to mislead all classes, and to constantly foster suggestions of mystery in affairs of business…”

Melchizedek Priesthood Symbol 1Melchizedek Priesthood Symbol

Jewelry – tie tack offered by LDS bookstore symbolizing the Melchizedek Priesthood.

See article on Satanic LDS Jewelry here.



Parchments Containing Demonic Prayers Owned by Joseph Smith & Family

Joseph Smith's Parchment St. Peter Bind Them Demon Spirit Prayers‘St. Peter’s bind them’ parchment owned by Smith family

Listed as a relic of Smith’s possessions in ‘Hyrum Smith, Patriarch’, p. 543, by Pearson Corbett. This is a parchment of ‘St. Peter’s bind them’ prayers used to invoke demon spirits and to aid in finding buried treasures. See for more info.


Jodrph Smiths Parchment for Ceremonial Magic“Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah” parchment.

“Jehovah, Jehovah,

Jehovah” parchment.

Lower right is symbol for  “Jubanladace”.

(1st of 7 angels of  ceremonial magic.) and used to invoke the demon known as ‘Jubanladace’. The drawings were taken from Scot’s Discourse Concerning Devils and Spirits (Quinn, p. 110; Scot, p. 43). This parchment is listed as a relic in ‘Hyrum Smith, Patriarch’, p. 543, by Pearson Corbett.

Magic Parchment owned by Hyrum Smith‘Holiness to the Lord’ parchment owned by Hyrum Smith

Listed as a relic in ‘Hyrum Smith, Patriarch’, p. 543, by Pearson Corbett.

“The “Holiness to the Lord” parchment is a lament of ceremonial magic to receive visitation from “good angels”.” – Early Mormonism and the Magic World View by D. Michael Quinn, p. 104.


Seer Stones

Smith's seer stone Emma passed on to Bidamon familySeer Stone

Seer stone used by JS. Emma gave it to relatives of 2nd husband Lewis Bidamon.

It used to be housed at the Wilford Wood Museum in Bountiful, UT. See

Sunstone Magazine, September 2009, p. 24.

December 1841 Smith told apostles “Every man who lived on earth was entitled

to a seer stone, and should have one…” Millennial Star, Vol. 26, No. 8, pp. 118-119


seer stone 1Seer Stone

Seer stone owned by Joe Smith.



Seer Stone used by Joseph Smith JrSeer Stone

Seer stone owned by Joe Smith

The LDS’ official acknowledgement of Joe Smith’s seer stones took place in October 2015. Here’s an excerpt of their official announcement:

“The stone pictured here has long been associated with Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon translation. The stone Joseph Smith used in the Book of Mormon translation effort was often referred to as a chocolate-colored stone with an oval shape. This stone passed from Joseph Smith to Oliver Cowdery and then to the Church through Brigham Young and others.”

You’ll notice there’s no apology for participating in the wicked deed of using witchcraft when God has explicitly told us numerous times to refrain from such activities.

Also absent is an apology for denying Smith participated in these things.

The article in the October 2015 Ensign listed a few artists’ pictures of how they thought Joe translated the plates and quite noticeably, each rendition shows ol’ Joe using a different method…strange indeed…

Here’s a synopsis of what the pictures portray –

joseph-smith-translating-gold-platesPicture #1 – Joe Smith sitting by himself studying the gold plates.





smith-translating-cowdery-scribe-parsonPicture #2 – Joe Smith and Oliver Cowdery translating the plates.






joseph-reading-gold-plates-barrettPicture #3 – Joe Smith wearing the ‘interpreters’ while translating the gold plates.





translation-of-the-platesPicture #4 – Joe Smith & a scribe separated by a sheet, and sitting at a table while translating.



Oddly enough, there’s no picture of Joe & Emma translating, nor is there a picture of Martin Harris…

Joseph Smith's Seer StoneSeer Stone

Green seer stone owned by Utah pioneer Philo Dibble. Matches description of stone given to Joseph Smith in the 1820’s by Jack Belcher. Dibble family folklore includes story of Philo receiving stone from Joseph.
According to the Princeton Library Curator of Rare Books, the stone is privately owned and was loaned to the Library in 1980 for an exhibition entitled “A Quorum Called Out of the Kingdom” (documented in Princeton University Library Chronicle XLII, 1 (Autumn, 1980) pp. 55-59.

Seer stone owned by David WhitmerSeer Stone

‘Whitmer Stone’
Stone of David Whitmer, one of the original Book of Mormon witnesses.
(LDS Photo Archives)


Seer stone owned by Jacob Whitmer, son of David WhitmerSeer Stone

Stone of Jacob Whitmer, son of David Whitmer. One of the original Book of Mormon witnesses.
(Rick Grunder Books)


The Occult in Mormonism & the Life of Joseph Smith, pt. 2

All-Seeing Eye

Manti Temple PlaqueAll-Seeing Eye on Manti Temple

The ‘All-Seeing Eye’ is part of the motif for Manti Temple dedicatory plaque, leaving no doubt the Masonic Lodge’s ideology has a strong presence in Mormonism. See Sunstone, ‘Where are the All-Seeing Eyes?,’ Vol. 10, No. 5, May 1985, p. 40 – Allen D. Roberts.


All seeing eye Salt Lake TempleAll-Seeing Eye on Salt Lake Temple

Horus – The All Seeing Eye on SL Temple. Church claims it’s a sign the Lord always has eyes upon His people. See Exterior Symbolism of the Salt Lake Temple, BYU Studies 36:4 by Richard Oman.

It’s actually an occult symbol of the pagan Egyptian god, Horus. For more info see article Inverted Stain Glass Pentagrams.


Temple Symbols 9Beehive

Beehives on front door of the Salt Lake Temple.Temple Symbols 8

Most, if not all of Utah, is saturated with this Masonic symbol. From the badges of the Utah Highway Patrol, to the official state name, you can’t escape the imagery wherever you go in Utah.

For more in-depth info on the spiritual ramifications of this cultic symbol see our article Inverted Stain Glass Pentagrams.

Temple Symbols 6Beehives

Doorknob on Salt Lake Temple doors depicting the Masonic beehive and Masonic phrase ‘Holiness to the Lord’.

As noted in our article, it’s literally opening the door to the occult.

According to Moroni10 (pro-Mormon) site, the seashell at the bottom of the doorknob represents ‘water and cleansing, signifying spiritual cleansing through baptism’.

Cultists have used the scallop seashell throughout history for representing the universe, and even Venus’ birth place. Catholics have used it in murals, statues in the Vatican, and as vessels for baptism. Its overall meaning is to convey they’re like the rays of the sun, representing esoteric knowledge that ‘man can become God through scientific knowledge’.

For more in-depth info on the spiritual ramifications of this cultic symbol see our article Inverted Stain Glass Pentagrams.

endowment-houseBeehive on Endowment House

LDS Endowment House. This building no longer in existence, but wasEndowment House 2 used for admin purposes of baptisms for the dead, etc.

Notice the square & compass right of the beehive. The Church’s website said Wilford Woodruff had the building ‘razed’ in 1889 because they already had three other temples.

Temple Symbols 19Cloudstones on Salt Lake Temple

Mormon Church:

Cloudstones.  High above the sunstones on the east center tower are two cloudsSalt Lake Temple cloudstones with descending rays of light (originally planned to be one white and one black with descending trumpets.)…”

As noted in our article Inverted Pentagrams, the two color variations they focused upon denotes the presence of yin-yang.

In the NT era, the manifestation of God is seen in Jesus Christ and God’s Holy Spirit that resides inside each believer.

Drawings of Original Plans for Structures

Nauvoo Temple Original DrawingNauvoo Temple original drawing

Original drawing of Nauvoo Temple by architect William Weeks. The Church seems to be more interested in what a symbol ‘might mean’, instead of tangible meanings to stay away from these things like God has warned us about. An article in the Church News supplied brief info on the reconstruction of the Nauvoo Temple. Here’s the link – LDS Church News Archives for June 29, 2002.

Clearly seen in this drawing are the pentagrams and stars, both inverted,  denoting the use of calling on demonic power. From our Inverted Pentagrams article:

The inverted pentagram is a sign of evil.  One point down, two points up is a sign calling to evoke all evil earthly powers to come forth.  It is a representation of the great Goat of the witches Sabbath…

Masonic author Manly Hall said this about the pentagram;

“In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies a perverted power…When the upright star turns and the upper point falls to the bottom, it signifies the fall of the Morning Star.” – Manly Hall, ‘Ceremonial Magick and Sorcery’.

NAUVOO TEMPLENauvoo Temple Window

Small prints suitable for framing of inverted pentagrams on Nauvoo Temple were available for sale at Nauvoo Bookstore in 2005.

Nauvoo Temple Original Drawing FrontNauvoo Temple original drawing

Original Drawing of Nauvoo Temple. Notice the inverted pentagrams, sunstones, and personified moonstones.





Original Drawings of Nauvoo Temple on Left and SL Temple on Right by Daniel LyonOriginal Drawing of Nauvoo Temple (left) and SL Temple (Right)

Drawing by Michael Lyon. See BYU Latter-day Saint Temples as Symbols, p. 8.

Sunstones & pentagrams are noticeably present in Truman Angell’s original drawings for both temples. The presence of Saturn on the SL Temple, and personified sun faces on both, reminds us of the power and influence that astrology, not astronomy, had on leaders of the Church.



Salt Lake Temple Original drawing by Truman O. AngellSalt Lake Temple Original Drawing

Truman O. Angell’s Original drawing of the Salt Lake Temple.

An extensive amount of info on this architect can be found in the article Latter-day Saint Temples as Symbols, p. 9.

The image seen here is listed in the article, but a strange and confusing explanation of what constitutes a Saturn stone shows up alongside this image.

Without explaining why, they’ve tried to rewrite what they’ve already said. In the article next to this image it said many people think the Saturn stone was a circle within a square…mind you, the Saturn stones they’re speaking of aren’t pictured in the image they’ve used.

This serves as yet another example of how they say things without thinking before they open their mouths.

Salt Lake Temple original drawings south elevationSalt Lake Temple Original Drawing

Jim Spencer (MazeMinistry) said this about occult markings on the SL Temple: “The stones on the Salt Lake Temple are arranged in a common occult order, an order described by the cabalistic term “tree of life.” The Tree of Life is a system of hierarchical arrangement from “the earth to the heavens,” and signifies man’s attempt to bridge the gulf which separates him from deity. Often Tarot cards will be arranged according to the Tree of Life pattern. Meditation on the Tree of Life accompanies the attempt to raise one’s “awareness.”

Occult representations of the Tree of Life


Drawing Orson Pratt's Salt Lake Temple moon phasesOrson Pratt’s Drawing of Salt Lake Temple Moon Phases

Orson Pratt’s interpretation of moon phases that were to be depicted on SL Temple.

Moonstones were chiseled according to the monthly lunar positioning for 1878.

As such, you can see 50 moonstone carvings on the SL Temple today.

13 New Moons

12 Last Quarter Moons

12 Full Moons

13 First Quarter Moons

Also see Pratt’s Observatory image below.

Salt Lake Temple original drawings shown from south elevationSalt Lake Temple Original Drawing

Close up of Truman O. Angell’s original SL Temple sketch. Because the granite in Utah couldn’t accommodate the finer carvings to fully show the rings of Saturn, or faces of the sun, the ringed planet of Saturn was replaced with the Saturn stones (see entry for Saturn below), and sunstones were only able to display the rays on the sun (see SL sunstone image below).

Salt Lake Temple original drawings Saturn imageSalt Lake Temple Original Drawing

Truman Angell’s original rendition of Saturn and its rings for the SL Temple.


Salt Lake Temple original drawings freezeSalt Lake Temple Original Drawing

Truman Angell’s modification for Saturn. This frieze of a circle with a ring around it would be the replacement for the planet Saturn.


Original Drawing of Salt Lake TempleSalt Lake Temple Original Drawing

Truman Angell’s original drawing of Moroni and one of the spires for the SL Temple. See Jim Spencer, Mazeministry, for more info on his interactive online book “Mormonism’s Temple of Doom”.

Markings of sunstones and the flying angel Moroni are clearly visible in this rendition of Angell’s drawing.



Temple Symbols 15Earth Stones

Mormon Church:

Earthstones.  The earthstones, located at the base of each buttress, represent the earth—the “footstool of God.” Although the earth is currently a telestial kingdom, it will transition to a terrestrial kingdom at the coming of the Millennium; and at the end of one thousand years, it is destined to become a celestial kingdom.”

For more info see our article ‘Inverted Stained Glass Pentagrams’.


Temple Symbols 12Handshakes/handclasp (Masonic)

Masonic symbol of handshake on Salt Lake Temple.

Explanation for the Masonic handshake comes fromBYU Studies Exterior Symbolism of the Salt Lake Temple, p. 45 – “…a pair of clasped hands, which represent the hand of fellowship and the unity of the Saints.  But the clasped hands seem to have additional meanings, for surrounding the hands is an oval with rays emanating outward.  The usual meaning of an aureole of light is divine sanctification or divine presence.”

LDS temple doorplate-handclasp 2Handshakes/handclasp (Masonic)

Masonic symbol of handshake on Salt Lake Temple Doorplate.

For explanation on the Masonic handshake, see BYU Studies Exterior 

Symbolism of the Salt Lake Temple,  p. 40


Melchezedik Priesthood symbolMelchizedek Priesthood Symbol

Melchizedek Priesthood symbol atop fence of San Diego Temple. See our article San Diego LDS Temple Symbols for more info.




Nauvoo Temple Original MoonstonesMoonstone

Original moonstones on Nauvoo Temple.

See Exterior Symbolism of Nauvoo Temple by Lisle Brown.






Nauvoo Temple pilasters house personified moonstones. Lisle Brown stated the original Nauvoo moonstones were meant to clearly show a personified crescent moon at the base of each pilaster. See Nauvoo Temple Exterior Symbolism




Nauvoo Temple pilasters house personified moonstones. – ibid.

Image here is from Life After Ministries, 2005.


Salt Lake Temple Moon Stone 1Moonstone

Moonstone on SL Temple. Each moon represented the different moon phases for 1878.

See LDS website for explanation of temple symbolism.

Image here is from Life After Ministries.



Salt Lake Temple moonstoneMoonstone

Moonstone on SL Temple. Each moon represented the different moon phases for 1878.

See LDS website for explanation of temple symbolism.

Image here is from Life After Ministries.



Salt Lake Temple Moonstones2Moonstone, earth stone, & inverted pentagram on Salt Lake Temple

Mormon Church:

Located directly above the earthstones, the moon is depicted in its various phases around the temple. The changing moon can represent the stages of human progression from birth to resurrection or represent the patron’s journey from darkness to light.”

For more info see our article  ‘Inverted Pentagrams’.

Moroni and His Many Faces

Moroni 3Moroni in Nauvoo

Original drawing of the angel Moroni – Nauvoo era. Sketch made by Wm. Weeks. Placed atop the Nauvoo Temple, it was approx. 5’ long & gilded in bright gold.


Angel MoroniStandard Moroni Statue

The standard Moroni angel atop many LDS temples.





Moroni Los_Angeles_California_TempleMoroni in Los Angeles

Mesoamerican Moroni sits atop the Los Angeles Temple

For more info on why the Church chose to use this Moroni see article Moroni: Mormonism’s Golden Calf.



Moroni at Hill Cumorah

Moroni shown taking the Masonic Oath w/ ‘right arm to the square’ sits atop obelisk at the Hill Cumorah Monument.

For more info on why the Church chose to use this Moroni see article Moroni: Mormonism’s Golden Calf.


Oh My Stars! Pentagrams & Planet Worshiping

church_history_museum_slc_utahInverted Pentagrams

Inverted pentagrams & sunstones on Mormon History Museum.

The Church’s History Museum proudly displays inverted pentagrams, sunstones, and other occult markings without blinking an eye.

The narrative of their displays, altars, and décor speak of worshiping a god that’s totally foreign to the God of the Bible.


Inverted Pentagrams

Inverted pentagrams & sunstones on the Nauvoo Temple. The stars are based on Doctrine and Covenants 128:23.

Image here is from Life After Ministries, 2005.

Stained Glass WindowStained glass windows/inverted pentagrams

Close up of inverted pentagram window @ Nauvoo Temple.

Image here is from Life After Ministries, 2005.




Nauvoo Temple star-stoneNauvoo Temple Five Pointed Star

“The Descending ray of the Nauvoo Temple’s inverted five-point starstones…was extended downward. Such an orientation suggests the rising morning star. This “star” is not a star at all, but the planet Venus.” – Lisle Brown, Nauvoo Temple Exterior Symbolism



Nauvoo Temple Pillar

Nauvoo Temple Pentagrams on Pillars

Replica of pillars on Nauvoo Temple available for sale at LDS Bookstore in Nauvoo. (Picture taken while on mission to Nauvoo Pageant in 2005.)

Notable demonic features are seen in the personified moonstone at base of pillar, the personified sunstone, and the inverted pentagram sitting atop the pillar.


Temple Symbols 24Saturn Stones

Saturn stones pictured here are also referred to as ‘Squared Circles’ by LDS Church.

Also see their explanation of Saturn stones in their monthly magazine for April 1993, New Era; “Saturn Stones are located directly below the parapet on each side of the six towers. They represent Kolob, the dwelling place of God.”

Temple Symbols 16Saturn Stones/Baptismal Fonts

The use of Saturn which is clearly depicted in the baptismal font here, is one of the darkest symbols in the occult world.

It represents death.

Was it a coincidence they used this for baptisms of the dead? Not likely.

Furthermore, in ancient cultures, the use of bulls along with the symbol of Saturn was a common practice as well.

Friends, don’t think for a moment this was all just happenstance! No, this was a well orchestrated plan in their subversive way of worshiping Satan, not God!
You can read about the worship of Saturn, and bulls in our Inverted Pentagrams article here.

Temple Symbols 20Star Stones, aka Inverted Pentagrams

Inverted pentagrams on Salt Lake Temple.

From BYU Studies, Exterior Symbolism of the Salt Lake Temple…,” p. 19; “Stars are also symbolic of God’s children in the heavens…The preeminent spirits in the premortal existence are referred to as morning stars; these were “the noble and great ones,” those who served valiantly and who were “chosen” before they were born to perform mighty works here in mortality.”

They also stated;

‘The five-pointed star with a single point downward…was often associated with the coming of Jesus Christ…’ – See p. 7 in link above.

This is contradictory to their info stating five pointed stars represent Venus…

Temple Symbols 24Star Stones on SL Temple

From pro-Mormon site Scott Woodward, these represent:

‘…the governing nature of the Melchizedek priesthood over the Aaronic priesthood’.

Info from our site;

Stars symbolize the potential of every being to reach Divinity, with all the wisdom and magickal Power that entails.”

The above quote comes from a pro-witch viewpoint.

God said those who rely on the stars and call themselves ‘I am’ will suffer punishment for what they’ve done!

Isaiah 47:10-13.

Sun Face

Personified facial features of the sun. God condemns this type of activity in Exodus 20:4 “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above…”

The image here is a sun face from the old Salt Lake Tabernacle.

‘Sun face once over entrance to old Salt Lake Tabernacle, 1851’. See Sunstone, May 1985, p. 41.

Click on link above to read the article.


sun stoneSunstone

Original Sunstone on Nauvoo Temple.

Brigham Young stated the horns were a reminder to the Saints to attend temple.

There are at least ten or so different variations of the sunstone used for the Nauvoo Temple. Overall, 30 sunstones are featured on the capital of each pillar around the Nauvoo Temple.

This image is perhaps the saddest thing for an ex-Mormon to witness. Coming to terms with how evil this is can’t be explained in simple human words.

You can read how the process of using this demonic display came to be inNauvoo Temple Exterior Symbolism.

Temple Symbols 4Sunstone

Sunstone on

Salt Lake Temple.

In one of the many lies the Church has told about the occult symbols on their temples, this is one of most lame excuses they have. Quoting the Apostle Paul in 1 Cor. 15:40-42, they stated ‘sunstones are part of America’s religious history…’

This is obviously a huge lie! The spiritual dangers of this can be easily found in one of countless pro-wicca sites. Our reference site stated when you wear a sunstone necklace or other jewelry, you’re declaring you are ‘one with the earth’. See our article ‘Inverted Stained Glass Pentagrams’.

Observatory built by Orson PrattOrson Pratt’s Observatory

Pratt’s Observatory once sat in the shadows of the SL Temple.

Pratt once said –

‘The study of science is the study of something eternal. If we study astronomy, we study the works of God…’ More info on this by Terryl Givens in LDS Meridian Magazine. Also see Exterior Symbolism of the Salt Lake Temple.

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