Today we’re looking at a talk LDS apostle, Neil Andersen, gave to the General Conference in 2014. Not only is this talk blasphemous, it makes it all the worse by specifically addressing this to Mormon kids. There’s simply no doubt they’ve venerated Joe Smith.

Liahona, ‘Joseph Smith,’ November 2014 “Jesus Christ chose a holy man, a righteous man, to lead the Restoration of the fulness of His gospel. He chose Joseph Smith.

The Jesus of the Bible did no such thing. To do so would mean that He contradicted not only Himself, but the entire Bible as well, which would make Him a false god.

The good spoken of Joseph Smith came slowly; the evil speaking began immediately. …

Mormons like to repeat this bogus information, however, the truth is that there’s no evidence anyone acknowledged Smith in the beginning of his ‘career’.

To the youth listening today or reading these words in the days ahead, I give a specific challenge: Gain a personal witness of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Let your voice help fulfill Moroni’s prophetic words to speak good of the Prophet. …

Here are two ideas: First, find scriptures in the Book of Mormon that you feel and know are absolutely true…

Next, read the testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith in the Pearl of Great Price…This is Joseph’s own testimony of what actually occurred. Read it often.

If the kids stick to just one story it’d be less confusing for them. Problems arise when they’re also instructed to read other teachings about Joseph Smith’s testimony . If they study it enough they’re sure to discover there’s no less than 11 versions of Smith’s first vision. Oops.

Consider recording the testimony of Joseph Smith in your own voice, listening to it regularly, and sharing it with friends. Listening to the Prophet’s testimony in your own voice will help bring the witness you seek. …

Mr. Andersen’s instructions are a perfect example of how to brainwash yourself. If this isn’t scary, nothing is! defines brainwashing as ‘any method of systematic indoctrination, especially one based on repetition or confusion’.

Another site gave several examples of how this works – here’s a few of the items they listed, and not surprisingly, they’ve described Mormonism –

“Love bombing

‘Us v. them’ mentality

Only allowing contact with other brainwashed members

Brainwashing is a process by which a person or group uses underhand methods to persuade others to the will of the person who is manipulating them.”

I give you my witness that Jesus is the Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. He chose a holy man, a righteous man, to lead the Restoration of the fulness of His gospel. He chose Joseph Smith.

I testify that Joseph Smith was an honest and virtuous man, a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. …

In the few quotes listed for this article, Mr. Andersen has told these kids that Smith is righteous, and honest at least 4 times. Keep in mind, these are only excerpts of the entire speech…

In our society beyond the veil of death, we will clearly understand the sacred calling and divine mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith. In that not-too-distant day, you and I and “millions [more] shall know ‘Brother Joseph’ again.”(24) In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.” — Neil Andersen

(24)Praise to the Man,” Hymns, no. 27.

No doubt the Church is pushing hard for people to remember where their lies began. Even with the recent anniversary of his death, they went out of their way to adore this false prophet.

When I asked my husband Kirk for his thoughts on Mr. Andersen’s talk, he said, ‘I see the name Jim Jones’…

Pray, please pray, for those caught in the lies of these people! I’m especially reminded of the young missionaries who are out there pounding pavement with the false gospel of Joe Smith.

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18