The Confusion Fight

10 July

The Confusion Fight

     She closed the book for the third time knowing she wouldn’t remember the information she had just read.  It was always like that with her, she was never able to remember details when trying to learn something new.  She could watch a television show on the History or Discovery Channel and not remember the important parts.  Sometimes she could remember the main theme, but even that would be sketchy in her memory bank after a few days. While she had lived this way for more than forty years, it never occurred to her there may be a good reason why it was so.

She had also noticed while visiting her non-Mormon friends, she would become confused after a few minutes into a conversation.  She’d like to blame it on an age problem, but secretly knew this had always been a problem for her.  She wasn’t a dumb person; after all she had graduated from high school with honors and had graduated from university.

The problem was noticeably worse if the subject was about God or religion.  She always promised herself the next time this subject came up she would make a better effort at paying attention without allowing that “feeling” to take over.  She had never been able to name the “feeling”, but it certainly wasn’t an unfamiliar visitor in her life.  It was like she’d fall into a trance…

If this sounds familiar, we want you to know that you’re not alone!  The little scenario mentioned above is not uncommon for those in the Church.  Falling asleep while reading the Book of Mormon or any other “sanctioned works” is reality for most people.  I’ve come to the conclusion over the years that it’s from a combination of two things.  The story line is not only boring, but repetitious; and there seems to be a correlation of being fatigued while being lied to.  I am more and more convinced it is a spiritual reaction rather than a physical one and Satan uses it to his advantage.

If you are LDS I want to encourage you to challenge yourself with a test.  Think of some of the most important English words in your life as a Mormon.  Write down on a piece of paper what you believe those words mean.  Now, look those same words up in a dictionary.  What if any differences do you see?

One of the most remarkable events the Lord has performed in me since I accepted Him into my life has been the transformation of my mind.  My understanding of the English language has changed dramatically.  Words finally have impact on me, whereas before they never meant anything at all.

When I began studying the real history of the Mormon Church years ago, I also tried to understand where they came up with the meanings of some of the words they use.  I found an interesting quote by Brigham Young that I feel helps to pinpoint the beginning of the changes.  He said, “I hope to see the time when we shall have a reformation in the orthography of the English language, among this people, for it is greatly needed”.   Journal of Discourse 12:174.  While the church was already changing the meanings of words by this time, I believe this type of behavior was a means of solidifying the plan they had for these people.

Not being able to decipher the correct meaning of words disables us.  We become unable to feel the emotions that go hand in hand with what we are reading; not to mention prohibiting us from a true understanding of reality.  It produces confusion which can turn into frustration and fatigue.

Years ago I asked the Lord t to help me understand what true love really is.  I began a serious word study to learn more about Him and me, and to show me where I was still “numb”.  One day while doing my study, I surrendered everything at that moment to Him.  I knew I could trust in His strength to show me more of His ways and what He had in store for my life.  He showed me a deeper love for Him while at the same time showing me how utterly sad He is about the Mormon people.

And so it goes; my grief for the Mormon people runs deeper than before, but now there is another grief.  The grief I feel now is for my Lord as well.  Their words about Jesus shock me.  They have short changed God and His great power.  They have put Him in the proverbial box where they think they can control Him as they try to bring Him down to their earthly ways.  By thinking that Jesus was sexually conceived by ‘Elohim’ and not by the power of the Holy Spirit is beyond belief.  Journal of Discourses 1:51.  That’s not the kind of God that I choose to worship!

There is another God that has called my name.  He’s the God of the Bible.  His name is; ‘…Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace’.  Isaiah 9:6.

One of the best gifts that any member of the Church can give themselves is the permission to be inquisitive.  There is no harm in wanting to know “why” and as much as the Church promotes having an education, the member shouldn’t feel ashamed in asking questions.

~Ask why theLDSChurch’s definitions for words vary from what a dictionary says.

~Ask why the Church isn’t teaching the old fundamentals of Mormonism like they did in the early years of the Church.

While I was playing the part of an observer in a pro-Mormon chat room not long ago, I saw a recurring theme in their conversations.  The majority of those who were posting said they wished the Church would teach the old doctrines of the Church, instead of the watered down version they’re being taught now.  They went on to say the “anti-Mormons” always took things out of context, but didn’t have an answer why the Church seems bent on changing things or excluding the original doctrines that Joseph Smith taught.  All of the posts contained a good deal of their own interpretation of Mormonism while at the same time contradicting them.

Interestingly enough one of the posts quoted the late apostle George Q. Cannon, who said this about the infallibility of the Church; “Not a single principle that has been declared or been testified to by the Elders of this Church from the beginning up to the present time can be assailed successfully by any religionist, nor by scientific men, because they are impregnable, having had their origin in God. And so it is with everything connected with this work… There are no mistakes to be corrected connected with it, either with its doctrine, with its organization, or, with its movement. Who is there—Has there ever been a doctrine declared by the authorities of the Church, as a part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that they have had to take back or modify? Not one. Has there been anything in the organization that has had to be perfected? No. The organization was as perfect in theory—being revealed of God—50 years ago as it is to-day in practice, after years of experience, practically carrying it out in these mountains. That constitutes the strength of this work. It is its infallibility. Not that man connected with it is infallible, for he is fallible; but the work itself, its principles, and everything connected with it, is infallible, having a divine origin, being revealed of God.” – Journal of Discourses 24:185

Now I realize that Mr. Cannon said this in the 1880’s; but we need to hold these people responsible for what they say because they claim they are the mouthpiece for God.  Is the Church doctrine perfect or not?  If it is then why do things keep changing and what exactly is the meaning of infallibility?

The people posting their thoughts in that chat room are real people with a real desire to live for God.  They are saying the Church principles are perfect and have not changed, when in fact they’ve changed countless times.  Some of the posts said they should never read non-sanctioned books for information about the history of the Church or Christianity; while others said that reading the Journal of Discourses wasn’t something they should be doing without the guidance of their local leaders.  It’s a fair statement to say that every single one of them was confused.  Thus, the need for us to be out there to show them the truth!

I am always so blessed when I’m mentoring someone in their new phase of life after leaving the Church.  I don’t get personal satisfaction from seeing families torn apart or from hearts being broken; but I am thrilled when these people see the truth about Jesus and begin living for Him.  It’s a bittersweet experience to see them grow and know with certainty our God in Heaven will be there to comfort them in their Life After Mormonism!  It takes some time for the “fog of confusion” begins to dissipate, but God is faithful and will transform the mind of every believer who calls on His name!

Please, if you or someone you know is a Mormon, know that we are in prayer for you daily.

With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim

1 Cor. 1:18

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