“Roughing It”, Chapter XVI “Whenever he found his speech growing too modern, which was about every sentence or two, he ladeled in a few such scriptural phrases as, “exceeding sore,” “and it came to pass,” etc. and made things satisfactory again. “And it came to pass,” was his pet. If he had left that out, his bible would have been only a pamphlet.” — Mark Twain

Today we’re looking at one subject matter from Joseph Smith’s work, the ‘Book of Abraham’.

Joe Smith’s repeated usage of the phrase, ‘And it came to pass’ is a red flag, warning readers this piece of work isn’t from the One True God of the Bible!

We looked at the same topic with the Book of Mormon, and believe it’s a beneficial tool to use again in Smith’s other canonical works. This time around we’re asking the same question —

Is this really the work of God, or the work of man?

As many people already know, the Book of Abraham is replete with anachronisms, and starved of historical reality. Adding insult to injury, we find the once again repeated use of the phrase, ‘and it came to pass’. What are the odds this would be found on Egyptian papyri written c. BC 3100-2700?

Tragically, the Church teaches their young adults in LDS Seminary to ignore facts.

The Coming Forth of the Pearl of Great Price “The greatest evidence of the truthfulness of the book of Abraham is not found in an analysis of physical evidence nor historical background, but in prayerful consideration of its content and power”…”

In other words, forget doing an intellectual study of Smith’s claims, and just go with the gut. What if your feelings change tomorrow — then what? Lest we digress…another fact this isn’t from God is very simple to see. The text.

The writing styles in both the Book of Mormon, and the Book of Abraham are hard to ignore. It’s very obvious they’re both the work of Joe Smith’s pen.

We found he used the phrase, ‘and it came to pass’, 17 times.

For the sake of time and space, we’re not writing each one of the verses out. Suffice it to say, each contains this phrase at least once. To read each instance in full, simply click on the link provided.

Abraham 1:9

Abraham 1:12

Abraham 2:2

Abraham 2:22

Abraham 2:23

Abraham 2:25

Abraham 4:5

Abraham 4:8 (2x)

Abraham 4:13 (2x)

Abraham 4:19 (2x)

Abraham 4:23 (2x)

Abraham 4:31 (2x)

One thing is obviously certain. God didn’t ordain this work, nor would He approve of it! Galatians 1:8

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18