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Life After Ministries Management Team

Michelle Grim
Michelle is a 6th generation Mormon who’s family background included polygamists. After a lifetime in the Mormon Church, Michelle left the church in search of the truth. Though she would find that lasting peace in Christ, it did come with a price. Michelle was totally rejected by her friends and family in Utah and treated like the worst kind of criminal.  The Mormon Church has attempted to persuade her to come back to the Mormon Church and renounce her Christian faith, even going as far as pressuring her Mother.  Since she left, the LDS Church has long persecuted her by using character assassination as their weapon. Ironically, although Michelle would once spit in the face of Ed Decker for his efforts to shed light on Mormon beliefs, she eventually joined forces with him and worked along side Mr. Decker at Saint Alive for 11 years.  Michelle and her husband, Kirk, have two beautiful daughters, ages 20 and 18.


Kirk Grim
Kirk joined the Mormon Church in Thousand Oaks, CA. in 1981.  Shortly afterwards, he joined the Air Force and was immediately stationed at Hill Air Force Base in Layton, Utah where he met and married Michelle Parker.  Over the next 10 years he began questioning the teachings of the church and comparing it to the Biblical perspective which ultimately led to his discovery of the true Jesus Christ.  Kirk and his family now reside in the Northwest where he and Michelle have ministered to countless Mormons.  Kirk also came from a background of Masonry and has extensive knowledge about the Lodge and its affects upon the Christian’s life.  Kirk retired from the Air Force Reserves and continues to work in the aviation industry.


Kent Otott

Kent is the Executive Director for North Central Kansas Teens For Christ, Inc., headquartered in Concordia, KS.  His primary duties include the overseeing and production of the Teens For Christ Bible Clubs and Teens For Christ Rallies along with other youth ministry functions.  He has been with North Central Kansas Teens For Christ since January, 1984.  Kent is a graduate of Christ Unlimited Bible Institute, which was operated by a ministry formally known as Kansas City Youth For Christ.


Kent‘s local ministry involvement included being the treasurer of the Concordia Ministerial Association. He created a jail ministry program for CloudCounty. He serves as the Chaplain for the Concordia Fire Department and has been invited to start a chaplaincy program for the Concordia Police Department.


Kent has recently been added to the board of directors of the NauvooChristianVisitorsCenter.  He has helped with their outreach programs for since 2001. His interest in counter cult ministry has grown since beginning serious research in 1998 and has sought to educate people in north central Kansas and south central Nebraska. 


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