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Jesus and Joseph Will Be Here Again

04 April

Journal of Discourses 26:302 “…the Apostle Paul makes this declaration: “For to this end Christ both died and rose, and revived again, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living.” So it is with the Prophet Joseph Smith. He has gone before with the keys of this dispensation, after having lived and conferred […]

Mormon Missionary Discussions – Part 4

08 October

Discussion 4 – Eternal Progression During this discussion investigators will learn a little more about the Mormon doctrine of Eternal Progression, in other words, how they can eventually become a god. There are seven principles the investigators are taught in this lesson, they are: Our Premortal Life Mortal Life on Earth Life After Death Work […]

Mormon Dilemma 257

18 May

Family History Work and Genealogy http://www.lds.org/study/topics/family-history-work-and-genealogy?lang=eng “In the spirit world, the restored gospel is preached to those who died without receiving it in mortality. Many of those in the spirit world accept the gospel, but without a body they cannot receive the ordinances necessary for salvation. The primary purpose of family history work is to obtain names […]

The Great Debate

28 January

THE GREAT DEBATES October 1988 October 2006        Late October 1988, Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was there, that a small group of people stood over a hole in the ground, watching as the tiny white casket which held its precious cargo was lowered into its final resting place.  The casket held a child of […]