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Role of Mormon Women Then and Now

10 September

Women of Mormondom, p. 541 “Paul, in the egotism of man’s apostleship, commanded, “Let the woman be silent in the church.” The prophet Joseph corrected Paul, and made woman a voice in the church, and endowed her with an apostolic ministry. The chief faith of the Mormon women concerning themselves is that they are called with […]

Names of Adam and Eve More Sacred than Christ

13 September

 The Women of Mormondom, p. 200; “Who shall number the blasphemies of the sectarian churches against our first grand parents? Ten thousand priests of the serpent have thundered anathemas upon the head of “accursed Adam.” Appalling, oftentimes, their pious rage. And Eve the holiest, grandest of Mothers has been made a very by-word to offset […]