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Thought of the Day ‘Freemasonry is a Sectarian Religion’

16 November

While gathering info for our next installment on ‘Polygamy & Mormon Church Leaders’, I came across a quote by Joe Smith showing once again how this man should not have been trusted by anyone; then, or now. The quote comes from the diary of an early Mormon, Benjamin Johnson, who served on the ‘Council of […]

Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Brigham Henry (BH) Roberts

12 September

Articles of Faith 1:12 “We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.” The reference above is part of the Church’s official statement of faith, however, from the onset of Mormonism until the early nineteenth century, it was either overlooked, or purposefully ignored. One of those […]

Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Alpheus Cutler Intro

21 April

Alpheus Cutler Intro February 29, 1784 – June 10, 1864 “It is no exaggeration to say that Cutler, next to the apostles, was one of Mormonism’s most important leaders during this period.” – Journal of Mormon History, “Conflict in the Camps of Israel,” DANNY L. JORGENSEN, p. 31 Lies, pseudonyms, excuses, and denials. All these […]

1,000+ Mormon Quotes

09 August

Here’s our 2nd list of 1,000+ Reasons to Leave Mormonism, aka, Mormon Quotes/Dilemmas! Because I can’t/won’t publish these things without qualifying the reason why, allow me to explain. First and foremost I do this because I believe it’s important everyone has access to truth.  You deserve and need to know the truth before you invest yourself […]

Peace and Violence among 19th-Century Latter-day Saints

17 June

Journal of Discourses 2:186; “I will take the Government of the United States, and the laws of Missouri and Illinois, from the year 1833 to 1845, and if they had been carried out according to their letter and spirit, they would have strung up the murderers and mobocrats who illegally and unrighteously killed, plundered, harassed, […]

Lies of the Relief Society

09 April

As most of our readers know, Melissa submits a small info page on the monthly LDS publication for the Visiting Teaching Messages.  The intended audiences for these publications are the women in their Relief Society program and their purpose is to provide encouragement and directions for living a godly life while following Christ. All that got […]