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Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Thomas Woolsey Intro November 3, 1805 – January 5, 1897

30 May

Thomas Woolsey and Samuel Morey, have nothing incommon except for one thing. Neither name is widely known, much less used outside their respective fields, yet the contributions of both necessitated their presence. One thing is certain, the early nineteenth century produced its fair share of people filled with grit and ingenuity, and two of those […]

Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Franklin Dewey Richards

10 January

Franklin Dewey Richards April 2, 1821 – December 9, 1899 “Except for a six-and-one-half-year gap, men of the Richards family have served as General Authorities continuously from 1840 to the present.” – D. Michael Quinn, Ensign 1980 Mr. Quinn’s great insight is a shining example of what the Richards family means to Mormonism, and vice versa. Their identity […]

Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Hosea Stout Intro

17 February

Hosea Stout abandoned his Methodist faith in lieu of Mormonism in the early days of the Church and fulfilled each and every role given to him during his 50+ year tenure. From polygamy, to the priesthood and powerful US government office positions; Mr. Stout certainly didn’t lack ambition. While participating in the illegal activities of […]

Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Abraham Owen Smoot

07 September

We’ve added another resource to our Polygamy & Mormon Church Leaders series!  This time we looked at Abraham Owen Smoot.  If you’re not familiar with this gentleman, think BYU. If it weren’t for the deep pockets and generosity of this man BYU would’ve died certain death.  When Brigham Young died he left the school in […]