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Lies of Joseph Smith: Temple Mormons Will See Face of God

19 July

Doctrine and Covenants 97:16“Yea, and my presence shall be there, for I will come into it, and all the pure in heart that shall come into it shall see God.” Matthew 5:8“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” Today we’re asking for Christians to simply ask the Mormon they know if they’ve seen the face of God. […]

1,000+ Mormon Quotes

09 August

Here’s our 2nd list of 1,000+ Reasons to Leave Mormonism, aka, Mormon Quotes/Dilemmas! Because I can’t/won’t publish these things without qualifying the reason why, allow me to explain. First and foremost I do this because I believe it’s important everyone has access to truth.  You deserve and need to know the truth before you invest yourself […]

Satanic LDS Jewelry

22 December

Last year we wrote an article about the jewelry sold on the Deseret Book’s online jewelry store asking Mormons to take a look at the spiritual implications of what the trinkets for their charm bracelets and necklaces meant.  Then Melissa noticed in the Christmas season they were selling replicas of the angel of light Moroni as a Christmas […]

Joseph Smith Jr

29 January

The legacy of Joseph Smith has left an indelible mark upon many in the past two centuries and time has proven the life he lived and the god he introduced isn’t without controversy. From polygamy and man’s godhood status to his views on the Bible, race and women; Smith’s interpretation of these things were diametrically opposed to […]

LDS Temples

11 November

  The number of LDS temples is extensive and should be taken seriously when we’re praying for those who are lost in the web of Mormonism.  The talk of temples was part of the focus at the last General Conference in October 2011 so we thought it’d be a good idea to list those here […]

Mormon Temple in Rome, Italy

11 November

I have to say it’s always an interesting day when the LDS Church builds a new temple.  The link below will take you to a quick little video of how the new temple will look.  One of our volunteers alerted me to look closely at the graphic when the video gets to 1:58.  Take a […]