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Joseph Smith: “If I Were to Tell You All I Know…”

04 November

Millennial Star, Vol. 55, No. 36, Sept. 4, 1893, p. 585 “On May 23, 1843, I listened to a discourse preached in the Nauvoo temple, which was then only partially finished.  Brother Joseph was talking on the pre-existence of our spirits, and our relations to God in the spirit world, and our standing in the family circle […]

Mormon Dilemma 273

03 June

Where is God’s Power? Aaronic Priesthood, pg. 116 by Oscar McConkie it says; “There must be power; that is, there must be priesthood. Where God’s power is manifest, there is the church and kingdom of God on earth. Where his power is not found, there the church and kingdom is not. Therefore, where the priesthood […]