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Reason for Joseph Smith’s ‘Martyrdom’

18 September

Times and Seasons, Vol. V. No. 15] CITY OF NAUVOO, ILL. AUG. 15,1844. [Whole No. 99, p. 618 “CITY OF NAUVOO, THURSDAY, AUG. 15, 1844. THE NEXT PRESIDENT…as our candidate for this high office, has been butchered in cold blood, for aught [ought] we know to the contrary, to prevent him from being elected, and the murderers running […]

False Prophecies and Teachings of the Mormon Church

17 September

Joseph Smith Gives His Life Ensign, June 1994 page 22; “The life of Joseph Smith was in some degree patterned after that of the Master, Jesus Christ. That pattern holds true even when extended to its tragic conclusion. Like his Master, Joseph Smith also shed his blood in order that the final testament, the reestablishment […]