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According to Mormonism Quiz #21-41

31 March

It’s been awhile since we’ve added to our ‘According to Mormonism Quiz’, but today’s the day! Below are random basic facts about Mormonism we’ve retrieved from the official writings of Church leaders. Today we’ve listed Facts #21-41. We’ve written this to provide info for anyone, but mainly for those who are new to Mormonism. As […]

Early American Revivals and the Book of Mormon

22 March

The Burned Over District  In early nineteenth century America a call for repentance swept across the country via the body of Christ just as it did some fifty years earlier with the First Great Awakening. It became obvious to many in the young fledgling country the Lord wanted their attention as growing pains kicked in to move […]

Mormon Dilemma 213

03 April

Freethinkers An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins, 2003 by Grant Palmer http://signaturebooks.com/2010/11/excerpt-an-insiders-view-of-mormon-origins/ “I admire men and women who have developed the questing spirit, who are unafraid of new ideas as stepping stones to progress. We should, of course, respect the opinions of others, but we should also be unafraid to dissent–if we are informed. Thoughts […]