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They’re Baaack. LDS Attempts at Unauthorized Baptisms of Famous People, Dead or Alive

25 December

Three days before Christmas I opened a Google-Alert e-mail to read about an all too familiar story in the Herald Extra. AP reporter, Brady McCombs, filed a report on Helen Radkey’s latest discovery of a chronic problem the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seems to be plagued with. The necromantic practices of baptizing living […]

LDS Leader Tells Members to Doubt Their Doubts

12 October

Disaffected Mormons are expected to “doubt their doubts” and overlook the mistakes of LDS leaders By Helen Radkey                                                                                October 10, 2013                                                                  […]

Helen Radkey’s Investigation into Polygamous Mormon Temple Marriages

01 October

Today I received an incredibly cool e-mail from a researcher and writer based in Salt Lake City that I’ve admired for years now.  Her reports have exposed the Church’s practice of posthumous baptisms for the dead even after the Church has publicly announced they’ve stopped. Helen Radkey sent me a PDF version of her latest […]

No Polygamy in Heaven!

18 February

Did LDS Church spokesman says there are no polygamous marriages in heaven? Breaking News!  http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/in-mormon-files-researcher-helen-radkey-seeks-to-cause-a-headache-for-romney/2012/02/16/gIQAhL3gIR_story.html Today I read my Google alert e-mail informing me of an article in the Washington Post about a reporter at the Salt Lake Tribune (Helen Radkey) being a source of contention for the Mitt Romney campaign. I’m always intrigued when […]