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Polygamy Lies Told to LDS Seminary Students

21 February

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “LESSON 140: Doctrine and Covenants 132:1-2, 34-66,” Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Seminary Teacher Manual, (2013); “Do not speculate about whether plural marriage is a requirement for the celestial kingdom. We have no knowledge that plural marriage will be a requirement for exaltation.” Acts 17:11; “These […]

Mormon Dilemma 246

07 May

Brigham Young is LDS Dictator Journal of Discourses 7:19-20; “What do you say, brethren and sisters? Do you not think it best for us to do right, each person individually being led by the dictations of the Holy Spirit, listening diligently to those who are appointed to lead, govern, and dictate this people? You know […]

Polygamy Quotes

23 February

Speaking against Polygamy brings Damnation Journal of Discourses 5:204; “President Heber C. Kimball said in 1855, “The principle of plurality of wives never will be done away” (Deseret News, November 7,1855.) Kimball also said, “You might as well deny Mormonism and turn away from it, as to oppose the plurality of wives. Let the Presidency […]

Polygamy, Mormonism and the one true God

28 October

Polygamy and Following Jesus Journal of Discourses 5:204; “Some quietly listen to those who speak against the Lord’s servants, against his anointed, against the plurality of wives, and against almost every principle that God has revealed. Such persons have half-a-dozen devils with them all the time. You might as well deny “Mormonism,” and turn away […]