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Mormon Dilemma 233

24 April

Active LDS Encyclopedia of Mormonism, pg. 14; “The religious practices of active Latter-day Saints include attendance at worship services and religious education classes on Sunday; donation of tithing and other financial contributions; service in a variety of Church callings; performance of temple ordinances on behalf of the deceased; personal and family prayer; scripture study; religious […]

Mormon Dilemma 177

28 February

Necromancy  Journal of Discourses 19:229-230; “The dead will be after you, they will seek after you as they have after us in St. George. They called upon us, knowing that we held the keys and power to redeem them. I will here say, before closing, that two weeks before I left St. George, the spirits […]

Mormon Dilemma 119

14 December

Bible and Book of Mormon Authenticate Each Other Ensign, Nov. 2007, 43; “Scriptural witnesses authenticate each other. This concept was explained long ago when a prophet wrote that the Book of Mormon was ‘written for the intent that ye may believe [the Bible]; and if ye believe [the Bible] ye will believe [the Book of […]

Denying Jesus

22 June

Denying the Lord Jesus While answering e-mails today I came across a passage of Mormon scripture in D&C 138:58-59 which says; “The dead who repent will be redeemed, through obedience to the ordinances of the house of God,  59 And after they have paid the penalty of their transgressions, and are washed clean, shall receive […]

Mormon Dilemmas 17

22 June

Five Reasons the Book of Mormon is Confusing Especially for Missionaries, vol. 1; “The purpose of the Book of Mormon is fivefold. First, it stands as a second testament or witness for Jesus Christ. Second, it authenticates the Bible. Third, it shows the goodness of God to his children. Fourth, it makes people aware of […]