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Mormon Dilemmas 15

21 June

Mormon Dilemmas 15 The ex-communication of Hyram Brown It’s a problem when the Church practices one thing while preaching another.  On Thursday, February 1, 1844 the Times and Seasons published a notice declaring one of their adherents, Hyram Brown, had “been preaching polygamy and other false and corrupt doctrines…” (Times and Seasons vol. 5, pg. […]

Mormon Dilemmas 10

15 June

Atonement Ensign, November 2008, pg. 57; “”[The] testing of our limits in priesthood service is made necessary by God’s plan to qualify His children to live with Him again forever. Heavenly Father loves His children…To qualify us to receive that gift, He gave us a mortal body, the opportunity to be tempted to sin, and […]