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Four Lies the Mormon Church Tells about Jesus’ Shed Blood

14 November

The title of our post today actually serves as the question we have for Mormons. Why did Jesus shed His blood? Some might say it’s the most important question there is in all the world. Let’s explore God’s word… In the book of Matthew, Jesus spoke about this very subject  – Matthew 26:28 “ …this is my […]

Visiting Teaching Message February 2014

27 January

The next part in their series that touches on The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: addresses Jesus as the “Good Shepherd”. The message begins with the parable Jesus gave of a shepherd leaving the ninety-nine sheep in search for the one that’s lost in Luke 15:4, 7. It insinuates that Jesus was referring to those who are […]

False Prophecies of the Mormon Church

19 September

Murder Murder forgiven Alma 24:10; “And I also thank my God, yea, my great God, that he hath granted unto us that we might repent of these things, and also that he hath forgiven us of those our many sins and murders which we have committed, and taken away the guilt from our hearts, through […]

False Prophecies of the Mormon Church

13 September

Forgiveness Enos 1:5-8; “And there came a voice unto me, saying: Enos, thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou shalt be blessed.  And I, Enos, knew that God could not lie; wherefore, my guilt was swept away. And I said: Lord, how is it done? And he said unto me: Because of thy faith in […]

Mormon Dilemma 194

14 March

Murderers not Forgiven!!  Discourses of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pg 221; “”Remission of sins by baptism was not to be preached to murderers. All the priests of Christendom might pray for a murderer on the scaffold forever, but could not avail so much as a gnat towards their forgiveness. There is no forgiveness for murderers; […]

Denying Jesus

22 June

Denying the Lord Jesus While answering e-mails today I came across a passage of Mormon scripture in D&C 138:58-59 which says; “The dead who repent will be redeemed, through obedience to the ordinances of the house of God,  59 And after they have paid the penalty of their transgressions, and are washed clean, shall receive […]