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Role of Mormon Women Then and Now

10 September

Women of Mormondom, p. 541 “Paul, in the egotism of man’s apostleship, commanded, “Let the woman be silent in the church.” The prophet Joseph corrected Paul, and made woman a voice in the church, and endowed her with an apostolic ministry. The chief faith of the Mormon women concerning themselves is that they are called with […]

Visiting Teaching Message – September 2014

03 September

The message the visiting teachers are to share this month with the ladies they visit is on Jesus’ role as Comforter. In the message Linda S. Reeves, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency is quoted; “We must feel and see for ourselves and then help all of Heavenly Father’s children to feel and […]

San Diego LDS Temple

02 September

On Sunday morning (8/31/2014) Melissa sent me an e-mail with some pictures she found online of the San Diego Temple. Initially I was going to use the photos as a quick FYI type of post… While the photos made us wonder why anyone would believe this was of God, abigger picture began to emerge when I read […]

Christian Polygamy

29 July

I’m sure you’re puzzled by the title of my article but please bear with me as I explain. Today I was watching a marathon of the past season of Sister Wives. I know, I don’t know how I can watch it either, but in my defense I have taken breaks from watching their show. The […]

Mormon Dilemma 233

24 April

Active LDS Encyclopedia of Mormonism, pg. 14; “The religious practices of active Latter-day Saints include attendance at worship services and religious education classes on Sunday; donation of tithing and other financial contributions; service in a variety of Church callings; performance of temple ordinances on behalf of the deceased; personal and family prayer; scripture study; religious […]

Mormon Dilemma 221

13 April

When Baby Kicks, Spirit Enters the Body  Journal of Discourses 18:258-9: “When the body is prepared, at the proper time, the spirit enters the tabernacle, and all the world of mankind in their reflections and researches must come to this conclusion, for the fact is they can come to no other—that when the mother feels […]