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Why Does the Book of Mormon Contradict Mormonism?

08 October

Today we’re looking at three key doctrines of Mormonism listed in LDS canon. Our question is this: Why does the Book of Mormon, which is supposedly the most correct book on the face of the earth, contradict LDS doctrines? The subject matters we’re looking at are the Trinity, Jesus is God, and the immutability of […]

San Diego LDS Temple

02 September

On Sunday morning (8/31/2014) Melissa sent me an e-mail with some pictures she found online of the San Diego Temple. Initially I was going to use the photos as a quick FYI type of post… While the photos made us wonder why anyone would believe this was of God, abigger picture began to emerge when I read […]

1,000+ Mormon Quotes

09 August

Here’s our 2nd list of 1,000+ Reasons to Leave Mormonism, aka, Mormon Quotes/Dilemmas! Because I can’t/won’t publish these things without qualifying the reason why, allow me to explain. First and foremost I do this because I believe it’s important everyone has access to truth.  You deserve and need to know the truth before you invest yourself […]