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Exposing an LDS Myth: Jesus was Married

30 May

 Today we’re exploring the long held Mormon belief that Jesus Christ was married. The reason why we’re doing this today is because of the sermon my pastor delivered this past Memorial Day weekend. No, he didn’t claim Jesus was married! Whew! He actually spoke on memorable events in life, and briefly mentioned John 2:11 with Jesus’ first […]

LDS: Joseph Smith Helped Jesus Open Doors of Salvation

07 May

Joseph Smith and the Messiah: Prophetically Linked “Prophets Aid in Redemption … These three prophets, Joseph of Egypt, Moses, and Joseph of the latter days, are linked to the Savior by their work in helping to redeem His children … Joseph of Egypt helped bring…salvation to his family who fled the famine in Canaan…Moses helped bring…salvation to […]

According to Mormonism Quiz #21-41

31 March

It’s been awhile since we’ve added to our ‘According to Mormonism Quiz’, but today’s the day! Below are random basic facts about Mormonism we’ve retrieved from the official writings of Church leaders. Today we’ve listed Facts #21-41. We’ve written this to provide info for anyone, but mainly for those who are new to Mormonism. As […]

Privileged White Mormons

01 March

Originally Posted in 2013 Mormonism, Mama & Me, 1986, pp 24‑25 “As a white Mormon, I proudly accepted the teaching that my fair skin and Mormon parentage signified that I had been one of God’s most intelligent and obedient born‑in‑heaven spirit children…. As a reward for my superior attributes and attitudes, I had been singled out, […]

LDS Contradictions: The Spirit Enters the Body When…

27 February

Job 31:15 “Did not he that made me in the womb make him? and did not one fashion us in the womb?” Being raised in Utah Mormonism affords a person many experiences of being taught things that aren’t necessarily standard LDS doctrine. Today we’re looking at one of those. A few weeks ago I came across […]