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Salvation Chasm: Mormonism v. Christianity

12 January

Journal of Discourses 15:370-371; “He sends forth his servants with the truth, and he makes this promise—he made it through Joseph Smith—If they will believe in Jesus Christ, repent of their sins, be baptized for the remission thereof by one having authority, they shall receive the Holy Ghost and a testimony from Him as to the character of […]

False Prophecies of the Mormon Church

24 August

No Suppressing Polygamy Journal of Discourses 20:276; “If plural marriage be divine, as the Latter-day Saints say it is, no power on earth can suppress it, unless you crush and destroy the entire people.” – George Q. Cannon, Salt Lake City, July 20, 1879 Well the people are still around but polygamy isn’t so what […]