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Mormon Dilemma 120

15 December

Whom Did the Lord Choose? Ensign, Jan. 2006, 34-35; “In a surprisingly short time, the [ancient] Church disassembled. Without Apostles, the Church lost its anchor and began to drift on every wind of doctrine. Spiritual gifts disappeared, revelations ceased, the keys to the priesthood were lost, ordinances changed. Ultimately, the purity of our Lord’s gospel […]

Teachings of the Mormon Jesus

04 November

The Mormon Jesus Ensign Article November 2011, “The Teachings of Jesus” We could sit at our computers all day, every day of the year to write and publish articles and that’d be okay.  However, none of those articles mean anything or can do anything if we don’t have the right understanding of Jesus. It causes […]

Mormon Dilemma 92

03 November

Book of Mormon Timeline Today’s dilemma is filled with many subject matters for the Mormon and non-Mormon alike to explore in the Book of Mormon. While perusing the latest edition of the monthly LDS magazine, Ensign, I came upon a section called “Book of Mormon Timeline”.  Since this kind of fits in with the false […]