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Godhead of Mormonism

06 February

The godhead of Mormonism is nothing like the Trinity of Christianity. Their belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is made up of exalted men and a spiritual force that can provide inspiration to members  if they’re following the dictates of the Church.  Every single core belief of Christianity was turned on its proverbial […]

Mormon Dilemma 229

20 April

Adam Created by the gods Encyclopedia of Mormonism, pg. 15; “Latter-day scriptures attest that Adam is a son of God, that his physical body was created by the Gods in their own image and placed in the Garden of Eden (Moses 6:9, 22; Abr. 5:7-11; TPJS, p. 345-53; cf. 2 Ne. 2:14-19).”