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LDS Church Teaches Missionaries to Speak in ‘Adult Language’

28 June

The talk we’re looking at today has to be one of the strangest I’ve seen in awhile. For the sake of brevity, I’ve pulled a few quotes to compare w/ God’s word. Church News, 2019 Mission Leadership Seminar The Book of Mormon is the most powerful written witness in existence that Jesus is the Christ…said […]

Mormon Priesthood Power = Satan’s Priestcraft Power

12 November

Ensign, ‘The Power of Covenants,’ April 2009“…Divine covenants make strong Christians. I urge each one to qualify for and receive all the priesthood ordinances you can and then faithfully keep the promises you have made by covenant. In times of distress, let your covenants be paramount and let your obedience be exact. Then you can […]

Visiting Teaching Message July 2017

03 July

Matthew 11:28 “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Ensign, ‘That They May Be One,’ July 2017 As noted above, the title of June’s Visiting Teaching Message is, ‘That They May Be One’. As the saying goes, this is ‘one of those’ in the annals of LDS teachings that’s filled […]

Jesus is Powerless to Save Anyone

09 January

LDS.org, ‘Conference Notebook,’ October 2016   “Abide in My Love,” Ensign, Nov. 2016, 48; “One of the terms we hear often today is that God’s love is ‘unconditional.’ While in one sense that is true, the descriptor unconditional appears nowhere in scripture. … “God will always love us, but He cannot save us in our sins. Remember the words of Amulek to […]

Mormon Church, Same-Sex Marriage, and the Body of Christ

14 November

Recently the Mormon Church made changes to their handbook for bishops, stake presidents and other church leaders. Such changes include: Placing “same-sex marriage under the definition of apostasy and as a circumstance that requires the convening of a disciplinary council”. It “also clarifies that the ordinance of naming and blessing a child may not be performed […]

Questionable Quotes from General Conferences

17 October

This year LDS authorities seemed to outdo themselves with some of their false teachings so we thought we’d pull some of their questionable quotes from their talks and list them here. To read the entire speech they came from, simply click on the appropriate link. It’s Never Too Early and It’s Never Too Late Bradley D. Foster […]

General Conference October 2013 The Role of Women in Mormonism

08 October

FYI: This article isn’t the typical article you’ll read from me. This article investigates the cold hard truth of the ancient practice of cult prostitution and the similarities of the Mormon dogma that sex is necessary for salvation. If you don’t want to read any further click the back button now. I’ve received more e-mails […]