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Exit Story of Gail

26 July

I grew up in a house mixed religion house, My Father’s family are all Roman Catholic very devout, however my Father, and Grandfather renounced the Catholic Church in the 1960’s and joined the communist party, my Father was communist until the day he died. My Mother was Anglican. Religion was never discussed in the home.

Shame on Franklin Graham

15 January

Shame on you Franklin Graham for supporting Mitt Romney! I think back to all the years I volunteered for your father’s crusades and they had me help the ministry in warning people about Mormonism and helping Mormons come out of that cult and you endorse him again on ABC News tonight with David Muir. We’re […]

Ed Decker talks about Joel Osteen’s Comment on Mormonism

05 November

Ed Decker’s Discussion about Osteen’s comment on Cross Talk with Vic Eliason Ed Decker had the opportunity to be interviewed by Vic Eliason, host of the radio show Cross Talk.  We thought we’d share the link with our readers for you to hear what other Christians are saying about the comments made by Joel Osteen.  […]