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How to Witness to a Mormon Updated and Expanded!

08 November

We receive countless e-mails and phone calls on a daily basis asking us how to witness to a friend or loved one in Mormonism.  While I’ve numbered the tips below for witnessing it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in order of importance. However, it is important is to remember that everything I’ve listed for tips on […]

Beck and the NASB Bible

24 May

After hearing Glenn Beck promoting a special kind of bible, I skimmed through the numerous websites promoting the Founders’ Bible and the ministry of David Barton, Glenn Beck’s token Christian Pastor.  The Bible is more a declaration of the holiness of the United Sates of America than a true study bible. Barton has inserted over […]

Mailbag May 2014

24 May

Being in ministry brings blessings that go beyond what the English language is capable of  describing. And being in ministry also brings the flip side of that equation. I typically don’t bring attention to the rude hate mail we receive because I know it’s part of the job description with this type of ministry.  However, today […]