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LDS: Joseph Smith Helped Jesus Open Doors of Salvation

07 May

Joseph Smith and the Messiah: Prophetically Linked “Prophets Aid in Redemption … These three prophets, Joseph of Egypt, Moses, and Joseph of the latter days, are linked to the Savior by their work in helping to redeem His children … Joseph of Egypt helped bring…salvation to his family who fled the famine in Canaan…Moses helped bring…salvation to […]

Advertising Truth and Teaching Lies

25 August

‘A double minded man is unstable in all his ways’. James 1:8 While strolling around on the list of classes available at BYU, I came across an interesting page, ‘History of the English Bible’. This page listed several resources along with a short synopsis on the history of English Bibles produced by Wycliffe from the 14th century, […]

Doubting Your Doubts is Courageous, but Comes with Heavy Price to Stay Mormon

13 December

Dictionary.com defines character as someone’s ‘moral, or ethical quality’. One who possesses a good moral character is said to have the following characteristics – ‘qualities of honesty, courage, good reputation’, and ‘integrity’. A few weeks ago, BYU students sat in a series of lectures. The topic was broad, but carried the same tune they’ve been […]

Armor of God; Is it Temple Works, or God’s Provisions?

17 February

BYU-Idaho Devotional, ‘President Thomas S. Monson: Taking Temples to All the World,’ September 20, 2011; “Being worthy of a temple recommend, and actively worshiping in the temple is an important part of the whole armor of God, literally part of the oil in our lanterns in preparation for the glorious second coming of the Lord […]

Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Abraham Owen Smoot

07 September

We’ve added another resource to our Polygamy & Mormon Church Leaders series!  This time we looked at Abraham Owen Smoot.  If you’re not familiar with this gentleman, think BYU. If it weren’t for the deep pockets and generosity of this man BYU would’ve died certain death.  When Brigham Young died he left the school in […]