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Sons of Noah and Mormon Racism

09 August

Comprehensive History of the Church, Vol.2, Ch.47, p.128;“This work is rich both in doctrine and in historical incidents. Of the latter the fact of the large influence (if not identity) of Egyptian religious ideas in Chaldea in the days of Abraham is established; the descent of the black race, Negro, from Cain, the first murderer; the […]

Facsimile 3

21 September

In our look at Facsimile 3 from the Book of Abraham it’s important to keep in mind its original purpose. Funerary documents have been found in tombs of the pharaohs all throughout Egypt. They were inscribed for a few purposes, one of which was to provide the deceased pharaoh instructions on how to get to […]

Facsimile 1

14 September

There’s certainly been no lack of controversy about Facsimile 1 in the Book of Abraham. From the time of its first publication in 1842, the authenticity of Joseph Smith’s ability to translate Egyptian has been in question. Egyptologists then and now have denounced his work referring to it as fictitious pandering and no wonder, for […]

Joseph Smith, Magic, Masonry and the Occult

07 May

Joseph Smith’s Involvement with Magic, Masonry, and the Occult PART I by JANIS HUTCHINSON 04/24/07 Author requests article critique http://www.faithwriters.com/article-details.php?id=61803 JOSEPH’S MAGIC HAT* Joseph Smith’s claim of receiving gold plates from a holy angel, has attracted millions of converts to the Mormon Church, a church which now boasts a membership of nearly thirteen million, and […]