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Comparison of Demonic and Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon

16 March

In our look at the not-so-unique names in the Book of Mormon this week, we’re highlighting some of what we’ve found over the years in this series. Today we’re looking at parts 2 and 3. Our objective in listing these today is to give a quick overview, and have you ask the Mormon you know […]

What can you do in 30 minutes?

06 November

Today we’re doing things a little differently! I read this post on another Christian website and was so moved by it, I had to share it here! Enjoy! Oh, and be sure to check out their blog because it’s well worth it!! 🙂 He’s a great author, and provides thought provoking articles you’ll love. – Reblogged from Isaiah […]

Mormon Lies about the Bible Taught to Children

28 September

New Era, ‘Answers to Common Questions,’ March 2015; “Do you ever feel unprepared when people ask you questions about the Church? Here are some suggestions for how you might answer a few frequently asked questions. … Why do you have other scriptures? Isn’t the Bible enough? … The Bible gives us much, and other scriptures give us […]

Bible Facts You Can Trust

25 September

Today we’re obviously doing things a little differently! My ad hoc post for the day was inspired by the movie my family and I watched last night; ‘The Case for Christ’. While I’ve relied on Lee Stroebel’s great book numerous times over the years, it was equally appreciated to see the background of what prompted […]

Mormons Celebrate Their ‘Love’ for the Bible

20 November

Gospel Truth, p.324; “After the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized, there were only two churches upon the earth. They were known respectively as the Church of the Lamb of God and Babylon. The various organizations which are called churches throughout Christiandom, though differing in their creeds and organizations, have one common origin. […]

Four Lies the Mormon Church Tells about Jesus’ Shed Blood

14 November

The title of our post today actually serves as the question we have for Mormons. Why did Jesus shed His blood? Some might say it’s the most important question there is in all the world. Let’s explore God’s word… In the book of Matthew, Jesus spoke about this very subject  – Matthew 26:28 “ …this is my […]