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If Christians are anti-Mormon, are Mormons Anti-Christian?

26 March

If Christians are anti-Mormon, are Mormons anti-Christian? We posted this in 2012, and still haven’t seen anything from the Church denouncing the things they’ve taught on their feelings about Christianity. Below is our original post – I signed up for Google-Alerts a few years back so I could get a heads up on top Mormon […]

Attacking God’s Word

09 July

We receive a lot of e-mails and comments here at the ministry via private notes, and through our sites which more times than not, make me sad for the blindness many people have chosen to impair themselves with. Having said that, every once in awhile we receive comments that immediately stop me in my tracks. […]

Mormons on Facebook

02 December

“It’s just so refreshing to see that Life After Ministries’ main purpose is to bash another religion. How Christian of you. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. If the tables were turned, you would be so offended, but you are obviously not too worried about causing offense and harm to a targeted religion. It’s […]


02 April

Anti Mormonism and Mormon Terminology “Anti-Mormonism includes any hostile or polemic opposition to Mormonism or to the Latter-day Saints, such as maligning the founding prophet, his successors, or the doctrines or practices of the Church….During the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s, the Church had a generally favorable public image as reflected in the news media. […]

Mormon Dilemma 80

15 October

Mormon Dilemma 80 According to the LDS Church What is a Cult? In Mormon Doctrine, pgs. 174 & 699, Bruce McConkie defined a cult as “sects”.  Under the sects section it says; “See APOSTASY, CHRISTIANITY, CREEDS, FIRST VISION, HARLOTS. Division and dissension, contention, confusion and discord — these are among the prevailing characteristics of the […]

False Teachings and Prophecies of the Mormon Church

09 October

Perfection is a Command Ensign, November 2009, pg. 33; “The Lord does not expect that we do what we cannot achieve. The command to become perfect, as He is, encourages us to achieve the best of ourselves, to discover and develop the talents and attributes with which we are blessed by a loving Eternal Father, […]