Systemic Flaws in Forever Families Doctrine

27 March

Matthew 22:30 ‘…they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.’

Twenty-four years ago today, I asked Jesus to be my God and Savior! PTL! The list of questions I had rolling around in my head had become commonplace, and kept leading me back to the same subject.

The cross.

Not surprisingly, the Lord had an answer to all those questions and it can be found in just one verse. Matthew 22:30. If the Mormon people would read that verse and believe what Jesus said, the hordes of questions would quite simply disappear!

I’ve put some of the questions I had in a concise list here, and sadly, I’m still asking the Church the very same things I had been asking all those years ago.

Just how does a forever family fit in with our Lord’s gospel anyway?

I pray my people, the Mormons, will take a moment in their day to ask themselves the questions listed here. Mostly, I pray they’ll be convicted to do the same thing I was! I’m a sinner and found freedom at the foot of the cross.

When it comes to the Mormon’s idea of true salvation, there’s no room for the cross, nor is there room for the One that hung there. Therefore, we must ask the Mormons…

Where is Jesus?

In Christ;


1 Cor. 1:18

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One Response to “Systemic Flaws in Forever Families Doctrine”

  1. Julie April 1, 2017 at 12:59 am #

    Question: suppose a mormon couple has sons in this life. I know a mormon family that has 5! Now suppose all five sons marry in the temple and are priesthood holders. When they all die, how is it that they are promised that the family will be together forever? Instead won’t each son have his own world and goddess wives? If they all have their own world then they are not in fact together, but separate. In fact its almost like a competition is it not to earn your own world to rule and the most wives and spirit babies? The wives they married will not be with their parents either because they will be in their husband’s world, right?

    And is it only the ones in the celestial kingdom that get their own world?

    One can get a headache sorting out these mormon claims.

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