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Your gift to Life After Ministries provides the financial means for us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through an outreach to Mormons.  We do that by reaching out to individual members of the LDS church and by partnering with churches all over North America to increase the effectiveness of our ministry.  Life After Ministries plans to use all types of media, including radio, TV, print publications and the Internet to challenge Mormons for what they believe and to help Mormon families in crisis when the conversion to Christianity occurs. Our network of Churches and families around North America will assist families in understanding principles of righteousness in matters of Christian faith that are so important to your family.

We are truly blessed and thank God for those of you who regularly support the ministries of Life After Ministries through all forms of giving. We are especially grateful for our donors who choose to give on a regular basis. These gifts have even more impact as they reduce administrative processing costs, are immediately available for ministry and provide us with a stable income stream to allow for new and ongoing outreach.

Thank you for partnering with us through our giving program. Rest assured that your transaction will be safe, secure and kept completely confidential.

How to give to Life After Ministries:

You can make donations using Paypal using the donate button above or through the US Mail.

Send check or money order to:




P.O. Box 203


Woodinville, WA. 98072





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