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I still stand by my original analysis of the rape problem in Utah being a major player from one of the core teachings of the Church.  Look, rape has been and always will be a dark, filthy problem in any society.  Historical evidence has proven that societies where males have to dominate women also have high rape rates.  And unfortunately with a high rape rate of women, there is typically a higher than average rate of child sexual abuse as well.



From 2008-2010 CPS investigated 14,566 cases of child sexual abuse.  (33)



Overall for 2009 there were 2,652 counts of forcible sex offenses and 250 counts of non-forcible sex offenses.  These are not necessarily the rape totals in chart above.  A forcible sex offense counts the offenses of forcible rape, forcible sodomy, sexual assault with an object and forcible fondling.  A non-forcible sex offense counts the offenses of incest and statutory rape.  (34)



The 2007 Rape in Utah Survey found that “nearly 1 in 3 women report experiencing some type of sexual assault during their lifetimes, but less than 12% of these crimes are reported to the police (Table 10).   Compare that with the national rate of 1 out of every 6 women who will be raped during their lifetime.  (35, 36)



Why is it more dangerous for women inUtah than those outside ofUtah?



And if being raped by a family member or friend wasn’t bad enough there’s more trouble lurking for kids in Utah when they go to school. 



The State ofUtah’s Children


Public Schools inUtah






Morality, pg. 105;The power of creation-or may we say procreation-is not just an incidental part of the plan: it is essential to it. Without it the plan could not proceed. The misuse of it may disrupt the plan.” – Boyd K. Packer



Remember what I said in the beginning of this article?  Sex is essential to the Mormon god’s plan of salvation…



KSL television ran a report in 2009 about sexual misconduct amongst the teachers and discovered the number one reason educators were forced to give up their licenses was for sexual misconduct.  They said that since 1992 there have been 313 teacher license revocations; 208 of which were for sexual misconduct.

Unbelievable.  It used to be that teachers were looked upon with the same respect as clergy or police – can we as a society say that nowadays?  (37)



With 43 school districts in Utah and an average of 15 licenses being revoked every year there’s a pretty good chance one of those teachers might be in your school district if you live there.  Since 2001 there have been 73 instances of a teacher having sexual activity with a student.  (38, 39)


 Kids.  You either love ‘em or hate to be around them.  With the “Families are Forever” campaign and high fertility rate Utah’s always bragged about,  you’d think the state of Utah would take better care of the state of the children.  The Utah Board of Education and Children’s Defense Fund reports that Utah spends more money on prisoners than they do on students and ranks at the very bottom of student expenditure in the nation.  (40)



Birth Rates



Speaking of kids… Utah’s birth rate went down in 2009 from the previous year while still holding onto the title of being the most fertile in the nation.  (41)



In 2009, 55,063 babies were born.


In 2008, 55,605 babies were born.




Of course the Church looks at the numbers and publicly sticks their chest out like a proud papa saying this is essential to God’s plan while not claiming any culpability for anything bad going on in the state.  Their response to reports that ran in local papers make it clear they are still holding onto their full gospel doctrine of needing to have babies in order to make it to heaven.  This must be great for the guys…not so much for those giving birth.



Marriages & Families are Forever…then again, maybe not


3x the national average



Utah rated above the national average in 3 categories:










Utah’s natural increase in the population was 3 times higher than the nation’s average, they were married more often and their divorce rate was higher.  (43)



19.2 births inUtah per 1,000


13.5 births inU.S. per 1,000



8.2 marriages inUtah per 1,000


6.8 marriages inU.S. per 1,000



3.6 divorces inUtah per 1,000


3.4 divorces in U.S. per 1,000


Highest Pornography Use is in Utah 2009






The Journal of Economic Perspectives and PC World reported that there were more online porn subscriptions in Utah than anywhere else in the United States.  For every 1,000 Broadband subscribers there were 5.47 households checking in on the red light district of the internet world.  (44)





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