Utah’s Vital Statistics 2008 Pt II


     2008 Vital Report Cont’d

      In the first quarter of 2008 another 75 people committed suicide and the same Utah government website (noted above) also took a survey of young people in the public school system.  They asked about the mental fitness of participants and it showed the following results;





Reports published on 10/30/08 from Utah Health Government Indicator shows more than 15% of youth in Utah have “seriously considered attempting suicide”; 22.2% of males and 29.8% of females “felt sad or hopeless”; and 9.8% of males and 14.1% of females “actually made a suicide plan”.





     In our 2006 Vital Statistics Report I quoted Truman Madsen in his book “Eternal Man”.  On page 26 he said;






Rewarding Rewording – Even Latter-day Saints, when the idea is put in ways that break out of routine phraseology, may find that it shakes their ordinary ways of thinking. Here, for example, are some of its meanings and entailments…Death, like all events, is lived through. It is comparable to the loss of an arm, and that is temporary…Suicide is just a change of scenery. (26)






     His remark is repulsive and every single member of the LDS Church should have another opportunity to see it for themselves.  I cannot fathom saying this to anyone.  The abasement of God’s creation (in this case human life) is evident and a hallmark of Satan’s works, so it stands to reason we must look at his comment for what it is – a lie!

     I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not enjoy compiling these statistics, nor do I find any solace in saying “I told you so”.  It makes me physically not to mention spiritually sick to think this goes on in my beloved Utah.   And just as I was closing up this writing I received the following e-mail from a Mormon which tells me once again that we must do as Paul tells us – “run to win the imperishable prize…”  (1 Cor. 9:24-27).






From Katya –






“I just wanted to tell you that I truly feel sorry for you.. That you have been so overcome by Satan that you would preach against the one true Church on this earth..I can only imagine the consequence you will endure come judgment day.. I do sympathize for you.. That you are so far from the truth and that you would try to corrupt the greatest thing.. and I just leave with you my testimony, God lives. He is our Father. We are His children and he loves us no matter what (even you). Jesus is the Christ, the Only Begotten son of the Father, he lives in the flesh. He is our Savior and our Redeemer. He is our advocate with the Father. He is the one who died and suffered great agony, great humiliation, and great pain for us that we may be forgiven of our sins, that we may one day return to him. The Restoration of the gospel is true. Someday we all will know of the greatness of the Prophet Joseph Smith. The Church is True.. All of it.. God be with you.” – Katya H.






     We’re praying for Katya and all the other Mormons, both inside and outside the borders ofUtah.






With Love in Christ;








Jude 24-25


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