Son of man or Son of Man? – Mormon Quotes

Answers to Gospel Questions 1:9; In each of the four gospels we read where the Savior frequently refers to himself as “the Son of man.” Invariably in the New Testament, the common noun, “Man,” is printed with a lower case “m.” This is very likely due to the fact that the scholars who did the translating did not understand the significance of this expression. Seemingly, they took the view as you have expressed it, that it has reference to the fact that our Lord became a man and while on the earth appeared as a man. You will realize that for centuries the prevailing notion that God, when speaking of either the Father or the Son, was without body and was not in the form of man, except as our Lord appeared among man in his earth ministry.

Luke 19:10For the Son of man came to seek and to save that which was lost.

Son of Man – this phrase appears 84 times in the Gospels with all but one used as by Jesus as a self-description. Jesus used this term more than any other to describe Himself. In the Book of Luke Jesus Christ presents Himself as a man without equal by referring to himself as the Son of Man, without contradicting that He is also fully God. For Christ to atone for the sins of men He had to become a true man Himself. Jesus needed to show them that he was a man and sinless so that when He was slain people would understand that a spotless lamb had been sacrificed. The question of His humanity is not a debate internal to Christianity but external. It is a central belief of Christianity.

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